Clodfelter, Timothy B. Features Reporter 336-727-7371
Craver, Richard N. Business Reporter 336-727-7376
Daniel, Francina S. Business Reporter 336-727-7366
Dell, John N. Sports Reporter 336-727-4081
Dye, Andrew J. Photographer 336-727-7210
Hall, Melissa L. Administrative Assistant 336-727-7308
Hastings, Michael R. Food Editor 336-727-7394
Hewlett, Michael L. Courts Reporter 336-727-7326
Hinton, John B. News Reporter 336-727-7299
Isley, Allison Lee Photographer 336-727-7213
Jimison, Jon Weekend Editor 336-727-7287
Moore, Latricia A. Sports Clerk 336-727-7310
Morrissey, Andy Managing Editor 336-727-7389
O'Neal, John B. Director of Digital Platforms 336-727-4097
Ritz, Lindy Night Web Producer 336-727-7373
Robinson, Ragan Digital Editor 336-727-7316
Sanderlin, Lee News Reporter 336-727-7339
Scott, Michael V. Editorial Writer 336-727-7359
Sexton, Scott T. News Columnist 336-727-7481
Sherrill, Cassandra A. Graphic Artist 336-727-7318
Shu, Lisa O. Journal West 336-727-7420
Unks, Walt D. Photo Editor 336-727-7250
Young, D. Jereoldene City Editor 336-727-7307
Wooten, Eddie Sports Editor 336-373-7093
Young, Jennifer M. Night Editor 336-727-7279
Young, Wesley R. News Reporter 336-727-7369

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