Details for BEAT-AD STUDY



Can a healthy diet improve memory? YOU can help us to stop memory loss in older adults BEAT-AD is a study that is testing two healthy diets to see which foods improve memory function and overall brain health in older adults who are experiencing mild memory problems. The two diets being compared are: 1) The American Heart Association low saturated fat diet 2) A Mediterranean-style low-carb diet Study participants will receive (at no cost): • Individual counseling with the study dietician, daily menus, shopping lists, and for the first month of the diet – locally prepared meals. • A physical exam, memory testing, and blood tests to check cholesterol, blood sugar, and general health – before, during, and after the study. • A clinician will review your results with you at the end of the study, and give you personalized dietary recommendations. Who is Eligible for BEAT-AD? You may be eligible to participate in the study if you are: • 55-85 years old • Currently experiencing mild memory problems but have not been told by a doctor that you have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease • In good general health, and not taking medications for diabetes How long is the study? • The diet part of the study is 4 months. • Health evaluations are completed in the 2 months before and after the diet part of the study, so the total length of time for the study is about 8 months. What is involved when participating in BEAT-AD? • Eligible volunteers will be put in one of two groups at random, like flipping a coin. • One group will follow an American Heart Association low-fat diet for 4 months. • One group will follow a Mediterranean-style low-carb diet for 4 months. • Participants will receive a lumbar puncture (a common medical procedure) to collect a small amount of fluid twice during the study to help us understand whether the diets change important chemicals related to brain health. • Participants will receive brain scans twice during the study to help us understand how the two diets might affect the structure and functioning of the brain. To learn more, call us TODAY at 336-716-MIND (6463) IRB# 00049474