Writing vows can be tricky for anyone. Here are a few quick ways to seek inspiration. 

Writing is tricky for a lot of people — and this is especially true when it comes to writing vows. For those that are tongue-tied, have no fear. We’ve compiled a few quick ways to seek inspiration so you can write about the life of your life.

Plan Ahead

If words or public speaking isn’t your forte, then absolutely do not wing it. The most meaningful messages are ones that are crafted in advance. Writing your vows in advance eliminates the opportunity for embarrassment, and helps make sure you don’t forget to say something meaningful.

Take a Step Back

This pro tip is used by professional writers and should be incorporated when writing your vows. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, take a step back and try again later with a clear head.

Piece it Together

Sometimes inspiration comes in waves. There’s nothing wrong with that! Keep a running list of sentiments handy when inspiration hits; you can always piece-meal it together later.

Research Love Messages

From poems to romantic movies, seek inspiration from outside sources. You never know what will trigger your own ideas to start flowing.

Reflection & Memories

Think back to when you first met your fiancé. Or, think about some of your favorite memories shared with them or your proposal story. These moments can be powerful and act as your own personal muse.

Beating the Jitters

Maybe writing isn’t the problem so much as the actual execution. Words might flow easily from pen to paper but maybe you’ll clam up during your ceremony. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here are four surefire ways to get through performance anxiety:

1. Take a breath.

2. Have your vows written and in front of you.

3. Practice makes perfect. Practice saying your vows in front of a mirror, family member, or close friend.

4. Look into your soon-to-be spouse’s eyes. Remember why you’re getting married and envelope yourself with the love you two share. It’s going to be great.

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