With a new year there is, of course, a whole new palette of colors and combinations for brides and grooms to choose from for their wedding. 2019 is no exception! The New Year brings a fun blend of colors that are trending for upcoming nuptials. The colors and combinations are expected to be bolder and richer this year, no matter what time your wedding might take place.

For those planning spring or summer weddings in 2019, here are the top color combinations popping up.

1. Peach and mint

2. Sun yellow, pale gray and ivory

3. Blush and green

4. Royal blue, pale blues and ivory

5. Coral and green

6. Dusty Rose and dusty blue

For those planning fall 2019 wedding, here are the top colors that will be popular later this year.

1. Dusty orange

2. Silver sage

3. Berry pink

4. Emerald green

5. Cranberry

6. Navy blue

Choosing a color or color scheme is the cornerstone of wedding planning. Once you select that everything from decorations to dresses usually falls into place. Be on the lookout for the above colors and combinations in 2019 and select the one you love best for your upcoming nuptials.

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