Details for Summary of Notice


SUMMARY OF NOTICE OF INTENT TO REDEVELOP A BROWNFIELDS PROPERTY Brownfields Property Name: Wade's Amoco Service Station Brownfields Project Number: 22057-18-034 Pursuant to the North Carolina Brownfields Property Reuse Act (the "Act") authorized by North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) § 130A-310.30 through 130A-310.40, and specifically pursuant to NCGS § 130A-310.34, Patterson Street Redevelopment, LLC, as Prospective Developer, has filed with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality ("DEQ") a Notice of Intent to Redevelop a Brownfields Property ("Property") located at 1300 Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, Forsyth County. The Brownfields Property, which is the former site of Wade's Amoco Service Station facility, consists of approximately 0.17 acres. Environmental contamination exists on the Brownfields Property in soil and groundwater. Patterson Street Redevelopment, LLC, has committed itself to no uses other than electrical substation use on the Brownfields Property. The Notice of Intent to Redevelop a Brownfields Property includes: (1) a proposed Brownfields Agreement between DEQ and Patterson Street Redevelopment, LLC, which in turn includes (a) a map showing the location of the Property, (b) a description of the contaminants involved and their concentrations in the media of the Property, (c) the above-stated description of the intended future use of the Brownfields Property, and (d) proposed investigation and remediation; and (2) a proposed Notice of Brownfields Property prepared in accordance with NCGS § 130A-310.35. The full Notice of Intent to Redevelop a Brownfields Property may be reviewed online at the DEQ public record database, Laserfiche, by entering the project number 22057-18-034 into the search bar at the following web address: The "Act" requires a public comment period of at least 30 days. The first day of public comment is defined as the day after which all of the following public notice tasks have occurred: the date this Notice is: (1) published in a newspaper of general circulation serving the area in which the Brownfields Property is located; (2) conspicuously posted at the Brownfields Property; and (3) mailed or delivered to each owner of property contiguous to the Brownfields Property. Written public comments may be submitted to DEQ within 30 days after the public comment period begins. Written requests for a public meeting may be submitted to DEQ within 21 days after the public comment period begins. These periods will start no sooner than August 7, 2020, and will end no sooner than the later of: 1) 30 and 21 days, respectively, after that; or 2) 30 and 21 days, respectively, after completion of the latest of the three (3) above-referenced dates, if such completion occurs later than the date stated herein. All public comments and public meeting requests should be addressed as follows: Mr. Bruce Nicholson Brownfields Program Manager Division of Waste Management NC Department of Environmental Quality 1646 Mail Service Center Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-1646


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