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A guide to the best Halloween movies, depending on the mood

A guide to the best Halloween movies, depending on the mood

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It's the last week of Spooktober. So if you'd like to squeeze in a few more horror movies to celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday while staying safe at home, I've culled all the best horror movies from the top streaming services to avoid getting lost in the dreaded scroll loop.

Often, the hankering for horror film can be all too specific, so check out the choices below in each category depending on what you're in the mood for. Happy watching!

Best monster movie/creature feature: Bong Joon-ho's 2006 sea creature flick "The Host," on Hulu and Kanopy, or French horror auteur Alexandre Aja's crazy 2019 croc movie "Crawl," on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Best Oscar-winning horror movie: Jonathan Demme's 1991 masterpiece "The Silence of the Lambs," on Netflix.

Best sci-fi horror: Ridley Scott's perfect 1979 film "Alien," starring Sigourney Weaver, or John Carpenter's 1982 movie "The Thing," starring Kurt Russell, both on HBO Max.

Best classic horror: Peacock has a wealth of Universal monster movies, so check out Bela Lugosi in "Dracula" from 1931, or Elsa Lanchester as the iconic "Bride of Frankenstein" in the 1935 movie.

Best werewolf horror: The werewolf genre gets a much-needed twist in the 2000 Canadian film "Ginger Snaps," on genre-specific streaming site Shudder.

Best Black horror: Jordan Peele's Oscar-winning instant classic, "Get Out," is available for a $3.99 rental on all platforms.

Best folk horror: Ari Aster's 2019 relationship dramedy as Scandinavian death cult thriller "Midsommar," on Amazon Prime, or, the inspiration, Robin Hardy's wildly entertaining 1973 film, "The Wicker Man," starring Christopher Lee, on Criterion Channel.

Best Japanese horror: If you've never seen Takashi Miike's 1999 movie "Audition," it's required viewing for any horror fan. Find it on Shudder and Arrow Video Channel.

Best vampires (sexy): Anything from the legendary British company Hammer Film Productions, which churned out low-budget gothic horror from the 1950s to the 1970s is a hoot and a half, and usually stars Christopher Lee (as Dracula) or Peter Cushing. Check out Ingrid Pitt in the sensual 1970 flick "The Vampire Lovers," on the Criterion Channel.

Best prom horror: Brian De Palma's 1976 adaptation of the Stephen King novel, "Carrie" on Starz, or, "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II" on Peacock, a sequel that's much more entertaining than the original.

Best class warfare horror: The superstitious heirs to the Le Domas gaming fortune are no match for Samara Weaving in 2019's "Ready or Not," on HBOMax.

Best feminist horror: French director Coralie Fargeat's 2017 film "Revenge" is an eye-popping twist on the revenge movie, starring Matilda Lutz as an instantly iconic action hero. On Shudder.

Best high-concept horror: Before David F. Sandberg helmed "Shazam," he directed the clever horror flick "Lights Out," on HBO Max.

Best forest horror: You'll never forget the monsters from David Bruckner's 2017 movie "The Ritual," on Netflix.

Best horror movie about horror movies: It doesn't get more meta than Drew Goddard's 2011 meta-horror comedy "Cabin in the Woods," on Hulu.

Best Scottish Christmas zombie high school musical: John McPhail's utterly winning 2017 film "Anna and the Apocalypse," on Hulu.

Best really, really scary horror: Looking for dread, scares, body horror, and disturbing content? Try Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," on Shudder and Arrow Video Channel, or, newcomer horror auteur Nicolas Pesce's "The Eyes of My Mother" (2016) on Kanopy, or Ari Aster's 2018 family trauma/witchcraft movie "Hereditary," on Amazon Prime and Kanopy, featuring a tour-de-force performance by Toni Collette.

Best gentle Halloween theme (not scary): If horror's not your thing, Adam Sandler's Salem-set seasonal movie "Hubie Halloween" on Netflix will put you in the fall mood and elicit some laughs, too.

Best horror atmosphere: Setting the mood? Shudder has a handy "Ghoul Log" feature: three different hourlong videos of a flickering jack-o'-lantern to create a spooky vibe at home, complete with evocative setting and sound effects.


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