Ta'Nisha Kimbrough

Ta’Nisha Kimbrough is the owner of Ta’Nisha Monique Cupcakes on North Liberty Street. She went to California last year for a taping of “Sugar Rush Christmas,” now on Netflix.

Local baker Ta’Nisha Kimbrough can be seen in an episode of the show “Sugar Rush Christmas,” currently streaming on Netflix.

Kimbrough, who owns Ta’Nisha Monique Cupcakes at 1318 N. Liberty Street in Winston-Salem, is one of the bakers featured in the reality baking competition show.

Kimbrough, 32, taped the program in Los Angeles last February after a producer spotted her cupcakes on her Instagram account. “I did not audition,” she said. “They said they saw me on Instagram. At first, I thought it was a joke.”

Kimbrough didn’t have the best of luck on the program, getting knocked out in the first round.

“I was planning to go with another young lady who I knew — we had baked together before — but she ended up backing out. And then they paired me with someone who also had lost their partner,” she said.

“So instead of making what I had to planned to do, I had to wing it.”

She made a white-chocolate peppermint cupcake with white-chocolate mousse in the middle and white-chocolate buttercream icing.

Overall, she said, she thought it came out OK. “The judges liked the cupcake. They just didn’t like the decoration.”

She wishes she had stuck to her original plan of making a white-wine cupcake — one of her best-sellers in her bakery — but that’s OK, she said. “It was still a fun experience. And I learned a lot.”

In fact, she has applied to get on another show. “They are doing a kids’ edition, and my daughter (13-year-old Symiyah) bakes as well, so I applied for that, but I haven’t heard back yet.”

Kimbrough, who opened her bakery in September 2018, was in the spotlight last summer for a completely different reason. Someone broke into her bakery, taking her entire inventory of cupcakes and her iPhone. “I got a lot of exposure over that — but not the kind I was looking for,” she said with a laugh.

Community members rallied after hearing about the break-in, buying up all of her cupcakes and other baked goods just a few days later to help her pay for the loss and damage to the bakery.

The community support was a blessing, she said. “It was kind of overwhelming. I say God has a sense of humor. I’m just very grateful.”

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