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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Too much snark

The March 12 letter “Energy failure” was unnecessarily snarky. Yes, you can still use solar panels when there’s 6 feet on snow on the ground, but what about in the middle of a heavy snowstorm? Who’s going to stand outside and sweep all the panels?

Nevertheless, I concede, the Texas energy grid failed because of the grid itself, not because of wind turbines. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was wrong to try to blame the problem on “green” energy — it was the failure of his administration and previous Republican administrations to hold their energy supplier liable. And now Texans are having to pay millions for the privilege of thumbing their noses at the feds.

It hardly seems worth it.

But there’s no need to be insulting. We should be able to discuss these matters rationally.

That goes for the writer of “No ‘Green New Deal’” (March 10), too. There was no need to be nasty about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So she once worked as a bartender. So what? Bartenders are highly knowledgeable artisans with good people skills.

Let’s all take a tip from President Biden and try to be a little more civil.

Linda Patrick


No restrictions

Shockingly, the COVID relief bill includes no restrictions to keep our tax money from funding abortions! This is in opposition to the wishes of a majority of Americans who oppose this violence targeting the most vulnerable among us ... voiceless unborn children. They are made in the image and likeness of God. Who will defend their intrinsic value? Sadly, not many of our elected officials.

What can we do to help them? Interviews of women who’ve had abortions reveal that many felt powerless, often being pressured to abort by the child’s father, family, friends or circumstances. These women can be empowered with loving options. We can help them by making better known in our spheres of influence local agencies that can provide real help. Among them are Birthright, Salem Pregnancy Support, Not forgotten Ministries, Catholic Charities and Room at the Inn. They can offer a mentor and support the mom throughout her pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

These nonjudgmental agencies can also help both women and men who regret aborting their child and now live with that pain of loss. They can direct them to post-abortion counseling to experience healing and forgiveness. These agency volunteers are truly the unsung social justice heroes of our time. I pray that God will give troubled moms the courage to make that call for help.

Marlene Olenick


My president

There are those among us who maintain that, the November election notwithstanding, “their president” is still Donald Trump. The opinion was expressed recently in a letter to the Journal (“Too far,” March 9).

Just to let everyone know, I’ve decided my president today is Stacey Abrams. And tomorrow it might be Tom Hanks, or maybe Dolly Parton. I’ve got 24 hours to decide.

Absurd? Of course.

That said, Abrams, Hanks, Parton (or, for that matter, you or I) have every bit as much claim to the White House as Donald Trump. Yeah, I know none of us got 74 million votes. Nor did 81 million fellow Americans vote any of us out of office.

Dan Collins


American workers

Your March 10 editorial, “The snark in the park,” fit nicely with Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan’s speech before the U.S. House on March 9, during which he told Republicans, “Stop talking about Dr. Seuss and start working with us on behalf of the American workers!” Of course, the reason Republicans concentrate so much on their phony culture war is because they’re not able to offer American workers anything substantial.

Democrats are constantly working to make life better for the American people.

President Joe Biden’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, arranged to make some 20 million Americans eligible for health care who had never had it before.

The Republicans’ major accomplishment was a tax cut for the rich.

God bless Joe Biden.

Roger L. Mack


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