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More than 500 people were killed and thousands injured on Monday, after a major earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck central Turkey and northwest Syria, collapsing buildings and triggering searches for survivors in the rubble. The quake, which hit in the early darkness of a winter morning, was…

    A president's State of the Union address has a predictable formula. But what if a computer program were to write it? The Associated Press asked the ChatGPT bot to do just that. AP told the app to produce the speech as some of history's most famous figures might have written it. The results are a far cry from anything people will hear Tuesday from President Joe Biden. ChatGPT generated a Shakespeare version of the State of the Union all in rhyme. AP also asked for versions in the style of Martin Luther King Jr., Cleopatra, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Elvis Presley, Madonna and the Three Stooges.

    A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake has rocked southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. It toppled hundreds of buildings and killed more than 1,300 people. Hundreds were still believed to be trapped under rubble, and the toll was expected to rise as rescue workers searched mounds of wreckage in cities and towns across the area. On both sides of the border, residents jolted out of sleep by the pre-dawn quake rushed outside on a cold, rainy and snowy winter night, as buildings were flattened and strong aftershocks continued. Turkey's president said Monday that at least 912 people were killed. The death toll in government-held and opposition areas of Syria numbers several hundred more.

    Q: I’m worried because my husband takes some type of medication for pain almost every day. What should I keep an eye on as he manages his pain? Is that safe?

    While elected officials weigh proposed legislation aimed at protecting North Carolina’s energy facilities and punishing anyone caught damaging them, the FBI said Friday it is offering up to $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspects involved in recent attacks on…


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