A man was shot in the shoulder near the corner of 10th Street and Cleveland Avenue about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said, then ran across a grassy lawn toward the Sunrise Towers high-rise apartments where he found help from a bystander.

Lieutenant A.J. Santos of the Winston-Salem Police Department said officers were picking up shell casings and looking for a suspect in the case, who may have left the area in a car.

The name of the shooting victim was not available, but he was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment of a non-life-threatening wound.

Stephon Hicks, who lives at Sunrise Towers, said he was outside the front of the apartment towers when he heard three or four gunshots.

"He was running away from those apartments" at the corner of 10th and Cleveland, Hicks said. Hicks and others were sitting on a bench and the injured man came running toward them, he said.

"He was bleeding like crazy," Hicks said. "He kept talking: 'Please help me.' He was hysterical. We put a compression thing on him and got him to calm down. He said, 'I don't know what in the world is going on.' He was sitting there and I kept talking to him. I said, 'Stay with me.' He was in and out because he was bleeding like that."

In addition to the wound in the victim's left shoulder, police said the man also received what was either a grazing wound or a pass-through wound to his wrist.

Police had the parking lot on the north side of Sunrise Towers taped off, and taped off another area at the corner of 10th and Cleveland.

Hicks and a woman who didn't give her name talked about an encounter between the shooting victim and another man in a car that pulled into the Sunrise Towers parking lot, and Hicks placed the shooting in the parking lot. 

Santos said the shooting was at 10th and Cleveland, but acknowledged there were accounts from witnesses that differed from each other about the car some said they saw.

Britney Medina, who lives near the corner of 10th and Cleveland, said she was inside her apartment when she heard three or four shots outside and came out to look. She said she saw a car speeding away from the corner, but didn't see the shooting victim.




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