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Ask SAM: Why doesn't this house have construction permits?

Ask SAM: Why doesn't this house have construction permits?


Q: There is a house on Old Salisbury Road, Winston-Salem, and according to the permit office there has been no permit applied for. This house has added approximately 450 square feet, new crawl space/basement, and new roof. My question is why are they still working on the house?


Answer: Amy Lanier, a senior zoning inspector for Planning and Development Services for the City of Winston-Salem, is familiar with the situation. Here’s what she had to say, “I received a complaint around mid-September originally. The work that was being done at that time did not require a permit. I spoke with the owner and explained that if the retaining wall he was replacing exceeded a certain height he would need a permit. Also at that time the only other work/repair being done was replacement of the roof covering (shingles). I closed the case. Then in late November I saw more work was being done that would require a permit so I sent a letter to the owner. He actually called me and I sent him the information to get started on the permitting process. If he does not follow through I will issue a Notice of Violation.”

Q: I like to order food from local restaurants using Door Dash. I noticed the other day that there were a number of new Mexican restaurants whose names I didn't recognize. They all had the same address listed as 202 Fourth Street. Some restaurants include: Nachos Muchachos, La Pina Cantina, and Wham! Bam! Burrito! These are not restaurants that I can find any information about and they are all at the same address, which is where Xcaret is. What is going on?


Answer: Michael Hastings, the Journal’s food editor, contributed the answer to this question. These are the names in DoorDash I found associated with the Xcaret's street address.: La Pina Cantina Mexican Grill; Nachos Muchachos; Wham! Bam! Burrito!; Casa de Cool Mexican Cantina; Blessed Burrito Bowls. Juan Quiceno, Xcaret's managers said, “I’m working with a third party company called Future Foods. They send me their recipes and I make them in my kitchen. Just a way to get through this pandemic with the slow times.”

Preventing frozen water pipes

Here is timely advice from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities on preventing frozen water pipes:

"How can you avoid the hassle and expense of frozen pipes? First, make sure you know where your home’s main water supply shut-off valve is located to minimize flooding if a pipe breaks. Insulate water heaters, pipes and faucets, especially in unheated spaces, and disconnect and drain outdoor water hoses. Finally, during extreme cold, allow faucets to trickle slowly.

These steps are best taken before cold weather hits, but there’s nothing like a cold snap to remind you that some simple home improvement measures could prevent a lot of problems and expensive repairs.

While Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities cannot assist with plumbing repairs on private property, the Utilities Department can shut water off at the meter in an emergency. Watch the short video at Learn more at or call City Link 311 or 336-727-8000.”

Update: The Healy Drive K&W Cafeteria has reopened.

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