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Ask SAM: Was Rural Hall mayor in D.C. when a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol?
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Ask SAM: Was Rural Hall mayor in D.C. when a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol?


Q: I have heard that the mayor of Rural Hall, Tim Flinchum, attended the rally turned riot in Washington. How can we confirm the correct information?


Answer: Tim Flinchum, the Rural Hall mayor did attend the rally. Here is a statement from him: “On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, there were two events in Washington, DC. The first event was a lawful rally conducted by the President. The second event was an unlawful criminal trespass of the Capitol Building by a riotous group. At no time did I go anywhere near the Capitol Building, which I can irrevocably prove. Unfortunately, there are people in this polarized society who want to condemn all Republicans and supporters of the President instead of focusing on the unlawful conduct of a few of his supporters, which I strongly disavow. I trust that the criminal courts will deal with their unlawful conduct appropriately.”

Q: President Trump has already been impeached once and he still held office, so why was he allowed to continue his job. If nothing is done to remove an official from office, then why bother trying to impeach him again. Sounds like a waste of time.


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Answer: Daniel Prosterman, a history professor at Salem College explained how the impeachment process works: "These questions get to the heart of the impeachment process! In essence the House's decision to impeach is akin to presenting charges of a crime, or a high crime and misdemeanor in the context of a sitting president. The Senate then decides whether to convict based upon the evidence presented by the House. In President Trump's case, the House approved articles of impeachment but the Senate voted against conviction, allowing Trump to remain in office. In the current context, the Senate might vote to convict after Trump leaves office. But, per the language of the Constitution, the Senate may also vote to disqualify Trump from ever again holding federal office. That decision would remove Trump's federal pension and the ability for him to run again in 2024."

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Answer: Minor Barnette, the director of the Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection had this advice for finding a home for a propane cylinder: “The consensus among several local subject matter experts is that the best solution would be for the reader who posed the question to try to identify a friend, family member or other person, through word of mouth or, perhaps, social media, who might be able to utilize it and give it to them. The reader can call Barnette at 336-703-2440 if they would like to discuss this in greater detail.”

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