Black Lives Matter Winston-Salem issued an apology Wednesday for not consulting the family of John Neville in its demands for jail and body-camera footage that show what happened at the Forsyth County Jail that led to Neville’s death in December 2019.

Brienne Neville, daughter of John Neville, criticized the organization in a Facebook post.

The family had opposed releasing the video footage, but on Tuesday, family members released a statement through their attorneys that they now support the release.

“Black Lives Matter Winston-Salem #blackandbrownlivesmatter publicly apologizes for not following the initial wishes of John Neville’s family to keep the Forsyth County jail and bodycam footage of jail officers relevant to the death of John Neville a private matter,” the statement from Black Lives Matter Winston-Salem said.

“John Neville’s family has shown unbelievable courage and strength in dealing with this ordeal, particularly in these extremely difficult times.”

The organization’s statement continued: “We apologize for any hurt that our support of the legal petition by several news outlets and publications for the release of this footage may have caused the Neville family or his loved ones. We want to fully impart to them that we meant no harm in any way, and we wish to honor them and the dignity of John Neville.”

Brienne Neville declined to comment on the organization’s apology.



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