Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services

Police and fire officials respond at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services on Old Vineyard Road in Winston-Salem.

An incident in which juvenile patients at Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services reportedly held staff members against their will in a room ended safely for all involved Thursday night, Winston-Salem police said.

A call went out to police about 8 p.m. asking for help after 10 staff members were reportedly trapped in a room while a group of patients carrying screwdrivers banged on the door and were trying to get in. As heard on police radio, the staff members considered they were safe in the room and that the patients couldn't get in.

There were reports of eight male patients involved in the incident.

On arrival, police closed off the entrances the health care center. Police said they made contact with staff members who said that the patients were causing property damage while some medical staff were still inside the building.

Police said patrol officers, street crime unit officers and SWAT personnel eventually got inside the facility and detained the juveniles. Police said they learned no assaults had taken place and that the suspects did not have any screwdrivers.

The entire incident lasted a little over an hour. 

Police said the medical staff declined to prosecute the juveniles and that they were released back into the custody of the staff.

Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services is a large facility on a campus that has a number of buildings, and it was not clear in which building the staffers were trapped.

The center offers a variety of behavioral health services, and treats people for trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction or suicidal thoughts. The facility has a 164-bed inpatient hospital and serves all ages from adolescents to seniors, according to the facility's web site.




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