Beaufurn furniture company is expected to soon close on 14 acres in the Idols Road Business Park near Tanglewood Park.

Kyle Haney, an economic development specialist for Forsyth County, told the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners at its briefing last week that projects underway include engineering for Phase I of development in the park by Stimmel Associates, as well as a traffic impact analysis by Davenport.

Also, engineering for a sewer lift station is in progress and design work is about 90 percent complete.

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utility Commission is in a partnership with Davie County to bring a pipe across the Yadkin River to pump sewage from Davie County to the city-county utility commission’s Muddy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant for a regional pump station.

Davie County will have its own pump station that will pump across the Yadkin River.

The new pump station on the Forsyth County side, which is being designed to serve the Idols Road Business Park and for future expansion, will be called Idols Road Pump Station.

It is being developed in a partnership between the city-county utility commission and Forsyth County.

Unforeseen/expedited costs

In addition to the buzz of activity in the Idols Road Business Park, some unforeseen costs totaling $250,000 have come up in regards to the initial development of the business park.

Also, some costs that Forsyth County had planned for future phases of development have been pushed up to Phase 1, Haney said.

The unforeseen costs are a driveway for Southwest Athletics, which is on Dillon Industrial Drive near the business park, and a Norfolk Southern study.

Haney said that the county would need to restructure part of Southwest Athletics’ driveway because a right of way extends outside the business park’s driveway and crosses over Southwest Athletics’ driveway.

“We’re extending Topsider Drive into the park,” Haney said in an interview Tuesday. “Right now, the driveway for Southwest Athletics curves up. In order to extend Topsider Drive into the park to build our road to the park, we need to reconfigure their driveway and “T it off” so that we go straight into the park.”

“T it off” means turning the current curved driveway into basically a T-intersection.

Norfolk Southern Corp. is requiring that Forsyth County do a study about the feasibility of converting the county’s current private access easement for crossing Norfolk Southern’s rail line near the park to a public easement.

The costs from future phases of development in the park that are now needed for the initial development are additional road grading, a common storm water pond, a traffic impact analysis and a 2 percent closing fee for a N.C. Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan.

In terms of the traffic impact analysis, Forsyth County Commissioner Don Martin has suggested having Davenport broaden the study beyond the business park area, and possibly do it in conjunction with Clemmons to come up with results “we all agree with and advocate for.”

A concern by the Council of the Village of Clemmons and Clemmons citizens has been traffic generated by businesses that will go into the Idols Road Business Park.

Martin said he doesn’t believe Idols Road will have a huge impact on traffic.

“The question is: What should be the long range solution to traffic in Clemmons?” Martin said. “The study could be a little broader. It could include more arteries. Idols Road is one little piece but there are several big roads, some of which meet up from Davidson County and around different places.”

Haney said that county staff will check into the costs to do a larger traffic study, as well as reach out to Clemmons officials, including attending the Village Council meeting Jan. 22.


Haney said that the county is finalizing documents with Beaufurn and that the Bermuda Run furniture company’s closing on property in the park is expected on Feb. 7.

He said he expects the completion of the Phase 1 engineering to be in March, followed by bids for Phase 1 construction in May and the completion of Phase I infrastructure in the park in November.

Overall, county staff has requested $1.2 million for the completion of Phase I of Idols Road Business Park, and an additional $200,000 to proceed with completion of Phase 2 pre-development for the park.

The county commissioners are expected to consider the request at their board meeting Jan. 18. 336-727-7366 @fdanielWSJ

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