Sanitizer recall

Blumen Clear Advanced Hand Sanitizer was recently distributed by Forsyth County under a COVID-19 relief effort. The product is being recalled because it contains methanol, which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or consumed.

Forsyth County officials say they’ve identified and made contact with all the companies in Winston-Salem that recently received bottles of hand sanitizer that tests showed contain methanol, a toxic substance.

Kyle Haney, the administrator of the county’s economic development program, said work is underway to exchange all of the tainted bottles with different sanitizers free of methanol.

The county distributed about 200 17-ounce bottles of Blumen Clear Advanced Hand Sanitizer before learning that the sanitizer was on a list of sanitizers determined to contain methanol by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

On Thursday, Haney contacted the recipients of about half the bottles.

The remainder were identified and contacted Friday.

“We have already exchanged some and are coordinating to exchange the rest at the beginning of the week,” Haney said.

The county distribution was part of a larger program to help businesses by providing them with personal protection equipment.

Methanol can be poisonous to touch and fatal if consumed. Hand sanitizers should contain ethanol, a safer alcohol compound.



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