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To bring attention to the prevalence of kitchen fires, the Winston-Salem Fire Department released a video Thursday taken from a firefighter's helmet camera during a blaze a few months ago.

Winston-Salem has already had 22 kitchen fires this year. 

In 2016, there were 70 kitchen fires, up from 57 the year before.

"Half of home fires start in the kitchen," said Sabrina Stowe, the department's senior community educator. "These are totally preventable."

The fire department has been working to install approximately 500 stovetop fire suppression devices in neighborhoods with high rates of kitchen fires.

Some of the devices are still available for residents who are interested, said Stowe, who can be reached by calling 336-773-7965.

"Unattended cooking is the biggest contributing factor in home fires," she said. "We can't stress enough how important it is that people stay in the kitchen when they're cooking."

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