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Turkey and cupcakes? Virginia preschoolers share turkey-cooking advice

Turkey and cupcakes? Virginia preschoolers share turkey-cooking advice

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The Rooster Class at Bright Beginnings Preschool in Crozet sports the proper handmade paper turkey-feather headgear for cooking a holiday bird to be proud of serving. Photo courtesy of Bright Beginnings Preschool.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - If you’re the kind of Thanksgiving cook who keeps those turkey-roasting emergency hotlines on speed dial, you can put the phone down and relax. As long as you know where your turkey’s “gluteus maximums” is, you’ve got this.

The young chefs at Bright Beginnings Preschool in Crozet come through with their instructions for cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

According to this year’s chefs, you can cook your bird in the oven for 7 minutes at 1 degree Fahrenheit, microwave it for 17 minutes — or just let the baby monitor tell you when it’s ready.

This year’s flavor trend seems to be serving turkey with cupcakes and brownies. Save your “squished-up” cupcakes to spread on top of your bird. Spring for the Batman Lego cupcakes; it’s a holiday, after all.

May this year be your “beautifulist” Thanksgiving yet.

How to Cook a Turkey

From Ms. Lori-Ann and the Bunny Class (Pre-Kindergarten)

Winston: Well, we really don’t cook it; we just put it on the table and eat it.

Finn: You gotta put salt and pepper on it. Cook it in the oven, then you bring it out and, I think, put garlic on top and put it back in the oven.

Graham: We just put it in the oven and bake it.

Rohan: I’m not sure what we put on it, but we use the baby monitor to tell us when it’s ready to eat.

Andrew: You put butter in its gluteus maximums and rub butter all over the top, and then, after it’s been in the oven for hours, you poke to see if it’s done.

Cassidy: It’s easy; you put it in the oven. Well, first you gotta turn on the oven. Then sprinkle salt and pepper on it and cook for 25 minutes.

Raegan: I think we stuff it with ice cubes and put it in the oven for 40 minutes.

Liam: First we decorate the table to be the beautifulist. We just put the turkey in the over and work on lots of other good food.

Colton: We stuff ours with butter and macaroni and cheese.

Gabriel: They put it in the oven and when it’s done we make au-jus sauce.

Landon: Just put it in the oven with the bread.

Fiona: We don’t eat turkey.

Carter: I think Mom just puts it in the oven with salt and pepper on top. Then she puts a thermometer in it to see when it’s done. I think that’s all she does.

Baylee: We just fry it in a pan.

Sam: First my Mom cuts it up, then she turns on the oven and puts salt and pepper on top. She puts it in the oven and when it’s done we eat it.

Gabriel: We go to the store to buy the turkey. Then we put it in the fridge to cook it.

From the Rooster Class (Pre-Kindergarten)

Nathan: Dye the turkey red and cook it for 20 minutes on low. Stuff it with Batman Lego cupcakes!

Torrence: Cover the turkey with sprinkles and squished-up cupcakes. Leave it for 10 minutes or something like that and serve it in a bowl.

Isla: Cook your turkey with ketchup and carrots in the microwave for 8 seconds.

Chase: Bake it in the oven with strawberry icing, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate beans for 1 minute at a low temperature. Serve it with chocolate and vanilla ice cream-mixed!

Blake: Cook it in the oven on warm for 1 minute with cheese, pepperoni, chocolate chips and chocolate pudding. Serve it in a bowl.

Alex: Grill the turkey for 1 minute with a cookie on top. Serve it with a plate on top and a side of green beans sprinkled with chocolate chips!

Brendan: Cook the turkey in the oven at 11-14 degrees. Cook it for 18 to 20 minutes. Mom will love it with apple sprinkles!

William: Buy a turkey. Put it in the stove so it will be hot. Take the skin off and put it in the oven and stuff it with chicken, green beans, chicken nuggets, and ham. Cook for 12 minutes at 12 degrees.

Silas: Grill the turkey for 8 minutes with salt, cake, green beans, and potatoes.

Isolina: Cook the turkey with green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and chicken. Put it in the oven at 5 degrees for 3 hours and serve it on a plate.

Anya: Add cheese, graham crackers, chicken, and almonds. Microwave it for 20 minutes. Serve it in a bowl with a lid.

Kingsley: Add brownies!

Lily: Cook the turkey with french fries, chocolate ice cream, and scrambled eggs. Cook it in the microwave for 10 minutes. Serve the turkey with a side of green beans and chocolate chip cookies.

Quinn: Add salt, onions, sugar, bacon, and avocados. Bake the turkey for 20 minutes at 5 degrees.

Elodie: Grill the turkey for 5 hours with strawberries, ice cream, bananas, grapes, and lemons.

Eowyn: Cook it in the oven 7 minutes at 1 degree with salt. Serve with cupcakes.

Remi: Stuff the turkey with green beans, carrots, olives, peppers, and sprinkles. Cook it in the oven for 100 minutes on high, then put it in the microwave for 5 minutes and serve it.

Andy: Stuff the turkey with strawberries, cucumbers, cookies, and watermelon. Ice its feathers and microwave it for 17 minutes. Serve it on a turkey cookie!

Clara: Cook the turkey in the oven for 4 minutes with cumin and pepper. Serve it with crackers.

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