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    If there’s any evidence to back the proposition that the GOP represents anything like a big-tent party, it’s the issue of same-sex marriage. When Obergefell v. Hodges, the ruling that led to the national legalization of same-sex marriage, was being tried in 2015, several prominent Republican…

      As Lee Newspapers’ Public Service Journalism team reported on Sunday, one in five North Carolina residents face medical debt that is in collections. That ranks this state fourth in the nation in unpaid medical bills.

        No one doubts that the Forsyth County Animal Shelter off University Parkway is a necessary and beneficial facility.

          With most of the 2022 midterm election races settled — we’re still waiting to hear the results from a few stragglers — many of us hope our lives can now get back to normal.

            The N.C. Supreme Court ruled on Nov. 4 that the judicial branch does indeed have the authority to order state lawmakers to invest in education even when they are reluctant to do so.

            Take a moment today, Veterans Day, to pause and have a thought for the military veterans among us, millions of them, who sacrificed their safety and security for ours; who fought so that we could live in peace. Whether the dwindling remnant of forces that went abroad to fight in World War II…

            With many ballots left to count, we could still be surprised by some of the results, both in our state and across the nation, of the 2022 election.

            This is the last day, readers, that we will urge you to perform your patriotic duty, to carry out your defense of American democracy and liberty, by exercising your right to vote. If you haven’t yet, today is your last chance to register your will for our future governance — for at least ano…

            “This is the most important election of our lifetime.” The statement has been repeated so often over the last 30 years that it almost seems like an empty cliche, nothing but boilerplate campaign rhetoric.

            Earlier this week the Journal printed a letter opposing the reelection of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board member Deanna Kaplan that lacked clarity.

            It’s a paradox of autumn that as our hemisphere cools, preparing for a long slumber, it also feels energized by the bright colors of fall foliage, with reds, oranges, yellows and greens popping in effervescent bursts. Movement, in terms of outdoor recreation, can also be performed more easil…


            Content by Cheesecakes by Alex. Beyond the usual turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, adding a Cheesecakes by Alex dessert to the holiday table has become an annual tradition for many loyal customers.

            Thanks to the way the calendar fell this year, today, though a Monday, is not likely to be dull. Probably around 6:30, 7 p.m., little monsters will start running around neighborhoods throughout the city, ringing doorbells and yelling for candy.

            Ye — the artist formerly known as Kanye West and still addressed that way by much of the world — is undoubtedly talented. He’s been extremely successful in the worlds of music and fashion, accruing the wealth that often accompanies such success.

            The discovery that a 9-year-old boy was allegedly forced to live outdoors inside a dog kennel, as the Journal’s John Hinton reported last week, is shocking. It’s so difficult to believe it could have happened — that any adult, let alone the child’s guardians, would have treated him this way.

            They say they’re concerned with “election integrity” — the leaders of organizations created in the last two years who have rallied and organized thousands of poll watchers across the country for this election cycle.

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