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The Readers' Forum: Raising awareness of domestic violence
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Raising awareness of domestic violence

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Ex-Patriots safety Patrick Chung has been arrested for domestic violence.

Raising awareness

As you may be aware, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). After searching through all the articles and editorials written this month and published by the Journal, I did not find a single article that mentioned DVAM.

You are in a position to offer support to our community and raise awareness for this issue.

On average, 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner. Several organizations in Winston-Salem are actively trying to change these statistics. On Salem College’s campus alone, there were several events that were centered around raising awareness about domestic violence. I believe an article that talks about what different organizations are doing within the community would be helpful to those who are currently experiencing domestic violence.

An article would also be a great way to provide resources to people who may have limited access to the internet.

The Journal should have a sense of commitment to its community members and should be able to recognize its unique position to provide help to its readers. My hope is that in future years, the Journal will think about including articles with resources and information about community organizations.

Savannah Moya


Harsh truth

Here’s the thing about Republicans’ current fetish, “parents’ rights.”

Some of those parents don’t know how to spell “you’re” or even “too.” Some of them don’t know that the South lost the Civil War. Some of them don’t understand how a mask can prevent a virus from spreading while still allowing wearers to breathe. Some of them believe every word Fox News tells them, or worse, former President Trump. But we’re supposed to trust their judgment over that of professional educators?

What about their children’s right to know what’s true and real? What about their children’s right to an education free from bigoted indoctrination?

Some of these children hear BS all evening long from their parents. If they don’t have access to teachers and librarians and books that tell them the truth, they’ll grow up being just as ignorant as their parents.

The Republican Party is working hard to dumb down the country and damn if it doesn’t look like they might succeed.

Henry Tubb


No better now

In response to Scott Sexton’s rave over Salem Parkway (“Vote early, often for Salem Parkway,” Oct. 26), I drive the same road daily, and I can see the road from my house. To me, it’s no better than the former version, which I called Lil’ 40.

There are several on-its and off-its in the new version that are too short and dangerous. The silly decorative bridges Sexton refers to were indulgent wastes of money. The speed limit is 10 mph too high. But the worst aspect to me is the trash on the road shoulder. Plastic pieces from hunk-of-junk cars are scattered from Cloverdale Avenue to Martin Luther King Boulevard.

This summer, someone lost a load of clothes on the northbound lane just up the hill from U.S. 52. The clothes laid on the shoulder until, months later, the rains mostly washed them out of sight. There are stout weeds growing along Salem Parkway that catch plastic shopping bags. The bags blow in the wind from the passing cars. The road looks like a slum highway at driver level.

Maybe it will win an award. It wouldn’t surprise me, given the national stupidity that’s been on display since the 2020 election and the COVID pandemic.

John Wooding



On Wednesday we printed a letter that referred to a student being shot at R.J. Reynolds High School. The shooting occurred at Mount Tabor High School.


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