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Friday letters: Commissioners reconsider
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Friday letters: Commissioners reconsider

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Commissioners reconsider

I appreciated the Journal’s thoughtful June 6 editorial “Have a … smile” about some of Surry County commissioners’ regrettable foray into Coca-Cola cancel culture.

The commissioners reconsidered their action on June 7 and rescinded it, 3-2.

The meeting went on for three hours, including nearly 60 minutes of public-forum comments when most of the speakers took the commissioners to task for not focusing their efforts and attention on Surry County’s problems such as drug abuse and lack of jobs. Three representatives of Charlotte-based Coca-Cola Consolidated, the actual owner of the Coke machines in county buildings, also appealed to the board to reverse its action.

The discussion and vote to rescind the May decision came near the end of the meeting. It’s on YouTube here:

Surry County Board of Commissioners Meeting

Steve Welker

Mount Airy

The wrong direction

Former President Trump made a lot of mistakes, but I believe that his biggest was becoming Hillary Clinton. His blunders caused many to vote against him in the last election just as Clinton had done with her lies and actions that made many support Trump in 2016.

Now we watch the inept President Joe Biden and his giggling vice president, Kamala Harris, begin losing even Democratic support for his programs that will send our country in the wrong direction. I hope we will have sense enough to look at other options in 2024.

We are starting to see moderate Democratic senators realize that many of their constituents do not support the wide-reaching, debt-laden programs proposed. Many are realizing what a poorly prepared vice president we have waiting in the wings if Biden has health problems. With elections coming up for five vacant U.S. House seats in the fall, we may see the Democrats’ thin margin get even thinner and less will get done in Washington, D.C.

Tom Jones


Nice things

Why can’t North Carolina have nice things? Why can’t we have the free federal health care for the indigent? Why is our education system in decline, kindergarten through university? Why do we feel the need to throw up blockades to voting? Why is our General Assembly a swamp of one-party self-dealing? Where are the statesmen and stateswomen and the honest public servants?

It’s on us if we tolerate the status quo in Raleigh. We can have nice things, but it takes individual effort: We have to become active in the political process. We have to get involved in identifying and supporting honest, qualified candidates, and then keep a sharp eye on what they do.

If we remain vigilant and informed, we can change the pigsty politics in the General Assembly. And then we can have nice things again. So it’s up to us, not to them.

Hayes McNeill


A healthy dose

I don’t watch Fox News, but it seems I get a healthy dose every time I read Cal Thomas’ opinion columns.

In his June 3 column, “The commission America really needs,” Thomas downplays the Jan. 6 Capitol insurgency and the GOP’s refusal to vote to establish an investigative committee by muddying the water with everything from critical race theory to undocumented immigrants and the percentage of them who pay taxes.

Thomas routinely rails against undocumented immigrants. However, as usual, none of the proposals he has offered include enforcing existing immigration laws that include arresting, prosecuting and fining employers who hire undocumented immigrants. I wonder why.

Johnny Lancaster


Served admirably

Thanks for your editorial on “Coach K” Coach Mike Krzyzewski (“Coach K’s legacy,” June 8). You captured his character and career beautifully. He has served the players, fans, Duke University and the sport admirably. He will be missed.

Robyn Mixon



Yay, Dana Milbank, for a way to safeguard voting rights (“Make Republicans filibuster democracy,” June 7)!

Frances Casey

North Wilkesboro


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