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Friday letters: Respecting our democracy above party
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Friday letters: Respecting our democracy above party

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Liz Cheney

How can it be that Liz Cheney stands alone (with the exception of Adam Kinzinger) among Republican representatives in denouncing the antidemocratic lie that the election was stolen from former President Trump? All the Republican representatives know that the Big Lie is, in fact, a lie. They know that accepting the results of an election is a cornerstone of democracy. They are willing to embrace an antidemocratic lie in their calculation that it will ensure their individual political power. If enough of them rejected the lie, it would all be over. By endorsing the lie they put our democracy itself in jeopardy.

I disagree with 90% of Liz Cheney’s political positions, but I honor her for her stance in support of our democratic process even though she knows that she will suffer politically for her stance. Why don’t other Republican leaders put their short-term political prospects secondary to support of our democracy? Where are the North Carolina Republican representatives on this issue? They must be voted out of office and replaced by leaders who respect our democracy above party, whether they be Democratic or Republican.

Evan Ballard


Pass the SAVE Act

One major lesson learned from this pandemic has been about the broken parts of our health care system related to access to care. These gaps created a lack of system resources, mainly health care providers needed to provide care. Access challenges still occur as our emergency departments serve as front-line care for many.

The answer to our access-to-care need can be easily remedied by allowing our Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) to practice at the full extent of their training and education, allowing care to be delivered in areas that are not available today. The challenge is created by ridiculous red tape calling for physician supervision.

I see a nurse practitioner for my women’s health needs. My NP is resourceful and compassionate and very confidently provides my care.

As a nurse for over 25 years, I want everyone who seeks care to have options, not limitations. We can make this possible by calling our legislators, sharing our stories and urging them to join us in support of the SAVE Act (House Bill 277 and Senate Bill 249). Remove the red tape to increase access to get safe, affordable, value-added and effective care. We can’t afford to wait; our next is now. Let’s get the SAVE Act passed.

Meka Douthit


A sad day

Wednesday, May 12, was a sad day. This was the day a national political party that has been a mainstay of our stature as a global leader becomes a party of the Big Lie. The Grand Old Party, with a heritage of such greats as Sen. John McCain, President George W. Bush, Sen. Bob Dole and others has become a beast with an orange head. With a single vote against one of its own, the U.S. House Republican conference surrendered its remaining integrity and thereby diminishes our nation.

And who will stand up for conservative values now? Certainly not a party that no longer has a moral compass and that would prefer a moderate leader from New York who is willing to pay homage to a liar over a conservative from Wyoming who has the courage to speak truth.

It was a sad day for us all.

Timothy Byerly


Don’t blame the pipeline

Inconvenient facts: President Biden’s order (with which I disagreed) stopping construction of the Keystone XL pipeline had nothing, zero, nada, to do with the current gas crisis.

The Keystone XL was designed to stretch 1,210 miles. At the time Biden stopped construction, only 93 miles had been completed. Had Biden not stopped construction, it would still be under construction and not yet ready to carry its intended product, heavy oil sands crude, a product that would need refining before it could be of any benefit to our gasoline needs.

John Fonda



The Republican Party: March 20, 1854-May 12, 2021.


William B. Perry



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