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Sunday letters: More Republicans
The Readers’ Forum

Sunday letters: More Republicans

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More Republicans

High fives for Robert Clark, the only Winston-Salem City Council member who is a Republican and the only council member to vote against the next city budget (“City adopts budget despite objections,” June 22). His reasons were wasteful spending and a 10% property tax increase.

Council member D.D. Adams was quoted as saying that most of the people complaining are folks with stocks and trust funds.

A property tax increase affects almost every Winston-Salem family either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, the added tax burden will fall hardest on retirees and others on fixed incomes; on working families already paying much more for gas and groceries; on renters as landlords will pass on the added tax expense to their tenants; on small businesses struggling to recover from COVID; and on the city of Winston Salem as people and businesses moving into our area find that living outside the city limits reduces their property tax by half. Looks to me like we need more Republicans on City Council as Republicans have become the party for working families and taxpayers.

Michael Ryan


It’s never enough

Following allegations of voter fraud, Republican authorities in Michigan went to extraordinary efforts to investigate its election results. Their conclusion was that there was no voter fraud involved.

In its concluding report, the Republican-led oversight committee that looked into the matter “strongly recommends citizens use a critical eye and ear toward those who have pushed demonstrably false theories for their own personal gain.”

Former President Trump’s response was that they didn’t do enough.

What else could they do, except lie?

There’s no satisfying Trump and there’s no satisfying his followers, either, who continue to support the Big Lie. There have been multiple ballot audits and investigations in the swing states where President Biden won. Trump’s lawyers took the matter to the Supreme Court, which rejected it for lack of evidence. Former Attorney General William Barr took it upon himself to look into the election and found claims of voter fraud were “bulls—-.” If anyone wanted to please Trump, Barr wanted to.

How many more investigations will it take to satisfy Trump’s cult? One more? Five? Ten?

The answer is that they’ll never be satisfied, because this isn’t about truth; it’s not about democracy or even winning an election. They think the presidency is theirs by birthright and if it doesn’t go to their choice, by god, they’re not going to put up with it. This is their country.

I fear that these people are going to become even more violent than they were on Jan. 6. Next time, they’re likely to come with their guns.

April Reaves


Heartbroken to angry

On May 24, 2020, I wrote to The Readers’ Forum about feeling heartbroken (“Heartbroken”) — watching COVID-19 spread when we had some knowledge as to how to slow it down, giving researchers time to develop life-saving strategies and a vaccine.

On Sept. 5, 2020, I wrote about the astonishing numbers (“Numbers”) of COVID-19 cases and deaths. The fact that so many cannot (or will not) understand the difference between a fact and an opinion is mind-boggling.

Now I am angry. We now have COVID-19 variants, the latest being more contagious and making people sicker, landing them in the hospital.

Viruses mutate as a means of survival (all viruses, not just COVID-19). Yes, this is a fact. If people continue to refuse to get vaccinated, they are allowing it to spread and mutate, and it will never go away.

To those who refused to wear a mask and social distance; to those who refuse to get a vaccine, make no mistake: You are responsible for countless deaths, illnesses, medical bills, lengthened unemployment, small business closures, stress on health care workers and stress on our children/youth. Before you ask, yes, I personally know people in all the above scenarios.

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice, especially when that consequence endangers others.

Christine Kneppelt Duffer



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