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The Readers' Forum: A key item

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A key item

I was disappointed that with all the railing about inflation and the economy this election and who’s to blame that the Journal chose to put a key item — the billions that the oil companies are making — buried on page A6 of the Oct. 29 Journal. Instead, the front-page article, “Forsyth COVID level declines,” could really have been put there in lieu of informing the people now about who is really to blame for less money in their pockets every fill-up.

These companies are doing nothing to help the struggling families and justified anger should be pointed right at them, not a political party or individual.

Have these companies used the funds to build even one new refinery in the last 15 years or more? No! They constantly close down existing and old equipment without care for the future of their own companies for the sake of keeping their pockets and bank accounts full now.

So when you go to the polls, don’t punish a party and don’t believe the ads that one person or another will fix the problem. Realize neither party can fix the greedy oil companies.

Kate Levick


What we want

We want to stop global warming, but oil companies are so profitable and we love driving our cars so much that we don’t.

We want to stop global warming, but we need lumber and land for agriculture so we are cutting down huge forests and we don’t.

We want to stop global warming, but several countries think it is more urgent to fight climate-damaging wars (a windfall for arms manufacturers!) so we don’t.

We want to stop global warming, but it seems so expensive to convert coal-burning power plants to renewable energy that we are taking our time.

We want to stop global warming, but we love eating beef and it’s easy to forget cattle are major emitters of greenhouse gases so we don’t.

We want to stop global warming, but the future costs of rebuilding communities after hurricanes, wildfires and floods seem easier to bear than the immediate cost of funding climate change prevention so we don’t.

Sorry, kids.

Larry Roth


Pelosi attack

I’m a bit wound-up as I write this letter. I get that way when I hear about a woman over 70 (or any age) getting sexually abused, or being pushed to the ground while having her pursed snatched. Or when an older gentleman, let’s say 82-ish, gets struck in the head repeatedly with a hammer. Crime against people of all ages riles me, but attacking the elderly takes me to a different place (and it’s not a good place). This stuff must stop.

If I were king here’s what I’d do if, perchance, someone broke into Mar-a-Lago and pulled the former president’s hair (a senior citizen himself). I’d march all 48 Democratic and two independent senators and all 224 Democratic members of Congress to the Lincoln Memorial where they would be required to say in unison, “Stop treating your brother and sister citizens violently ... now!”

I don’t care what conspiracy theory has motivated a perpetrator, the leadership (all of it) of the offending party must speak up against violent behavior (which is to say it isn’t enough for former Vice President Mike Pence to be one of the few voices being raised). A friend of mine often said, “It is never the wrong time to do the right thing.” So regardless of what’s in your toolbox, non-violence is one weapon that is completely bipartisan!

Elected officials from both sides, please do/say the right thing.

Brad Zabel


Biden pride

Thank God for President Biden.

Following the assault on Paul Pelosi, former President Trump was acting like a grade-school gossip. “Well, I heard ...”

Biden would never act like that. If the spouse of a prominent Republican had been attacked, Biden would be on the phone asking, “What can I do to help?” He would publicly express the nation’s shock and compassion.

All “compassion” is to Trump is a word in a dictionary he never opens.

And if Democrats cracked jokes about the harm done, Biden would tell them to knock it off.

I don’t care if I have to pay $5 a gallon for gas and $10 for a pound of hamburger. Trump made me ashamed to be an American. Biden makes me proud.

Perry Mitchell



I recently read that if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy becomes the next speaker of the House, he would begin to scale back President Biden’s support for Ukraine. Really?

I disagree on nearly every impactful decision conservatives take. The biggies? Gun control, climate change, abortion and the preservation of democracy.

Should any person in this country other than a law enforcement officer have the right to own an AR-15? I don’t think so.

Who has had their heads stuck in the sand over climate change? Conservatives. How much better would this world be if pragmatic progressive Al Gore had been the leader of the free world from 2000 through 2008?

And now the conservatives on the Supreme Court take away a woman’s basic right to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Conservatives want to conserve — conserve their guns, their ignorance on climate change and their self-righteous attitudes of moral superiority. But they want to take away majority rule. Do they respect the will of the people and the electoral process?

I ask all readers: Are these the policies that appeal to you?


Mainstream news is fake and Truth Social is true? Really?

Gary McCoy



For all those voting for a Republican majority in the House and the Senate, may I ask why you want to get rid of Social Security? Why do you want to get rid of Medicare? Why do you want to deny a woman the freedom to choose whether or not she needs an abortion? Why is it acceptable for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to withhold a Supreme Court pick from President Barack Obama, claiming it is too close to the election (a year), and then push Amy Coney Barrett through after early voting has already started?

Why do you want to see America default on the debt ceiling? Why do you want permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%? Why do you want to withhold aid from Ukraine?

Do you believe Russian President Vladimir Putin has a right to invade a free, democratic country simply because he can? Why do you want to overturn the 2020 election of Joe Biden and install Donald Trump? Why do you want assault rifles to be freely available? Why do you want to continue to pump carbon dioxide and methane, unabated, into the atmosphere? Why do you want to give up your freedom to vote?

All of these questions are rooted in the platforms put forth by numerous Republican candidates. If all of the above becomes law, ask yourself, what does it mean to be an American? Silly me, that last question will be irrelevant, the answer subject to party approval. You choose.

Gary Bolick


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