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The Readers' Forum: A letter of gratitude
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: A letter of gratitude

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A letter of gratitude

This letter serves as a letter of gratitude to the many veterans who served our country faithfully over the years. We are a better country for your dedication and service to protect our freedoms home and abroad. To the men and women who have served and are still serving, you are our heroes! Thank you!

This letter also serves as a letter of gratitude to those who are in the education profession in whatever role you play to support the growth and nurturing of the students in Forsyth County. As a former educator, I know and understand the role each of you play daily in the lives of students. Over the past two years, you have been put to the test! I have seen the resiliency and the perseverance that you have undertaken to make it the best learning experience possible! You too are our heroes! Thank you!

Richard Watts


Our spiritual food

In love, I respond to the Nov. 3 letter “Asking Concerned Moravians.”

Jesus said, “The two greatest commandments are, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.” The Concerned Moravians know this and that is what we are about. But Jesus also said many times, “Obey my commandments.” He gave the Ten Commandments to know what sin is and said to follow these if you are my followers. The Old and New Testaments are for us today.

Jesus also said in Matthew 5:17-20, “I didn’t come to abolish the laws and prophets, I came to fulfill them and not one thing will change until I come back.” Come to our meeting and listen.

Wake up, America and our churches. The Bible is biblical instructions before leaving Earth. Reading and studying the Bible is our spiritual food. Try it and a person will realize we are standing up for Jesus.

Joann Hege Goodson



This has to stop here and now. Someone stole my state representative!

In the most recent election, I voted by the rules. Even though I already received all my vaccines, including booster, when I went to my voting place I wore a mask, N95 of course, over my mouth and my nose. Did I mention I play by the rules? That’s playing fair.

But what’s fair? As an adverb, “without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.”

The opposite is “redistricting,” a long, fancy word that, in 2021 North Carolina, means to cheat to achieve unjust advantage. That’s how my representative was stolen.

I played by the rules; the map-drawing puppets did not. They used camouflage, squiggly lines and fancy window dressing, but no one was fooled, no one. No character, these puppets.

Lynn Fountain


New hot issue

“Education.” The new hot issue in politics. What do people want? Lower teacher-student ratios, improved literacy and numeracy, lower drop-out rates?

No, people seem to be demanding that there are subjects which should not be taught, books that should not be read, terrible things which have happened in the past not discussed.

Why not call this what it is? Not education but ignorance. Which politicians and which parties are demanding that ignorance should prevail in “educating” our children? Is that really what we want?

Thorns Craven


Winston-Salem redlining

From recent study, I understood that redlining in our country was the effect of a 1938 federal law.

The impact of the redlining law resulted in the denial of various services (including mortgages) to residents of specific, often racially associated, neighborhoods or communities either explicitly or through the selective raising of prices. The “Undesign the Redline” exhibit currently at our (wonderful) Forsyth County Central Library graphically explains the result of that law for Winston-Salem, showing why the physical layout of our city evolved the way it has. Simply and concretely the exhibit demonstrates the way the 1938 law advantaged some parts of our city and deprived others.

My letter is meant as a reminder of this exhibit, which runs through Jan. 15. The exhibit offers help to all of us as we seek understanding of the history of our city and ways we might learn to live together with greater understanding and fairness.

I’m grateful to the Winston-Salem Foundation and all the community partners responsible for “Undesign the Redline.”

Jane Litzinger



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