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The Readers' Forum: A measure of success

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A measure of success

It amazes me that Democrats can expect any measure of success considering who they send to the podium these days. For example, Pennsylvanian Senate candidate John Fetterman, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Maybe this will change with the passage of time, with the passage of time, with the passage of time, or maybe on Nov. 8.

Aw! Come on, man! Good night!

Chris Davis


My friend

Among the political signs around town, you’ve likely seen some for my friend Sabrina Coone-Godfrey who’s running for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education. Sabrina’s new to the political arena, so I’d like to offer some insight into who she is so she’s not just a name on your ballot.

In short, Sabrina’s an involved parent whose interest in serving on the Board of Education is truly that — she wants to serve this community. She’s an active volunteer in our schools who gets in there, gets her hands dirty and gets to know principals, teachers, kids and parents. She hears what they need and where the gaps are that need to be filled. She’s smart, savvy and good at connecting the dots and putting thought into how to find real, workable solutions.

I think we all have a friend to whom we always say, “You should run for office!” Well for me, that’s Sabrina.

In addition to having the “head knowledge” that will make her an excellent member of the board, she also has the necessary grit. She’s not afraid to tell the truth and to stand up for what’s right. She’s loving, kind and truly wants what’s best for the kids in our county — even “the least of these.”

Sabrina’s my friend, but even if she weren’t, I’m 100% confident that she’s exactly who we need on the Board of Education. I wish there were eight more of her — I’d vote for them all!

Margaret Wages


Recent complaint

I read with interest of retired District Court Judge Denise Hartsfield’s recent complaint that her record as a judge had been misrepresented (“Hartsfield fights back on ads,” Oct. 29). She fails to acknowledge that she was suspended for 75 days by the N.C. Supreme Court for fixing at least 82 traffic tickets. This is unethical and illegal conduct by a judge.

If elected Forsyth County district attorney, I wonder how many criminal offenses she would fix.

She is not qualified to be the chief prosecutor for Forsyth County.

Lawrence Hewitt


Teaching children

Children need to be taught math and science, yes, like the Republican candidates for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board say. They need more than anything to be taught how to read. But they need to be taught more.

They need to be taught not to use the “n-word,” even if Mommy and Daddy do.

They need to be taught that they’re not going to hell just because some kid said so.

They need to be taught not to be bullies.

The Republican candidates running for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board — do they realize that? Do they acknowledge that? Or are they running to prevent all such conversations?

Emmy LaDoon


Vote for success

I don’t understand the complaint in the Oct. 31 letter “Ninety percent by 2025?” The writer criticizes Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board chair Deanna Kaplan for setting a goal of achieving 90% proficiency in reading for all third graders by 2025 when “our schools have never seen anything close to a 90% rate.”

So setting an ambitious goal is a bad thing? Would she like Kaplan better if Kaplan aimed for 70%? Fifty percent? Who should be left out? My goodness, talk about the bigotry of low expectations.

Whoever the writer is voting for, I want to vote for someone else.

Kaplan clearly has the desire to see our students succeed. She gets my vote.

Buddy Osborne


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