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The Readers' Forum: A stellar career

The Readers' Forum: A stellar career

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Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder's unique style is in the spotlight as he presides over one of the biggest trials of his career, Kyle Rittenhouse's homicide trial

A stellar career

I’d like to join the countless other voices indeed that will celebrate the judicial career of District Court Judge Denise Hartsfield (“Judge Hartsfield plans to retire,” Nov. 9). What a stellar career this has been to behold. Forsyth County has been made better because of this amazing servant-leader, whose fairness and compassion mixed with her professionalism and strong judiciary knowledge has made her a voice for many.

For creating ways to salvage young people who had made decisions that landed them in the system, maintaining balance as justice is served out to those less fortunate and those who are systematically disadvantaged in the criminal justice processes, and being a positive force within this community and around this state, we must all pause to say thank you, Judge Hartsfield, for a job done exceptionally well!

Freddie Marshall


A great job

I thought President Biden was cooked.

Isn’t that what all the pundits were saying? A Republican won the gubernatorial election in Virginia — barely — and that means this is Republicanland now, and no Democrat will ever be elected again? I don’t think so.

The Biden administration just cut a deal to lower prescription prices for seniors (“Democrats reach deal on drug prices,” Nov. 3). His infrastructure bill, which will create millions of good jobs and fix a lot of the problems that have been plaguing us, passed (“Infrastructure bill a ‘monumental’ win,” Nov. 7). And he got us out of Afghanistan.

His predecessor tried to pass an infrastructure bill for four years and failed. He also said he’d get us out of Afghanistan and couldn’t. (He also said he’d give us “beautiful” health care plans, build a wall that Mexico would pay for and many other things.)

Of course, Biden isn’t standing up to Big Bird. I guess we need Republicans for something.

But Biden is doing a great job for America, and he’s less than a year into the job. If only the liberal press would report his achievements.

Joseph Standish


Back off

Public school teachers are smart. They work hard. They care about their students. They deserve support from the public, not this mob action encouraged by some Republicans who can’t even get the winner of the last presidential election straight.

This is not the Republicans’ country — it’s the Americans’ country. Every little thing is not going to go according to Republicans’ desires — and it shouldn’t. They have to learn to get along with other people.

Back off and let them do their jobs.

Wendy Marshall


Prove them wrong

A lot of ink has been spilled lately about large spending bills (e.g., “Infrastructure bill a ‘monumental’ win,” Nov. 7) and how to approach the problem of climate change (e.g., “Biden’s climate plan aims to reduce methane emissions,” JournalNow, Nov. 2). In contrast, we pay surprisingly little attention to the one policy that would have the greatest climate impact and help spur economic activity, namely a carbon tax.

Most commentators and many politicians consider a price on carbon to be politically perilous because of its supposed unpopularity. However, most carbon tax proposals include two things that make them political winners.

First is the rebate: revenues collected from taxing fossil fuels would be returned to American households. In this way, our overall purchasing power is not diluted (in fact, lower-income households would mostly see a net increase in income), but we still receive an incentive to reduce carbon-intensive spending.

Second is the border adjustment: to protect our industries from unfair competition, we would need to impose a border tax on any incoming goods from countries that don’t have a robust carbon tax of their own.

No one ever disputes that a carbon tax would be effective; they only say it would be unpopular. But policies that send money to everybody are seldom unpopular, so let’s prove the naysayers wrong. Pick up the phone and call your members of Congress to tell them we want a carbon tax-and-rebate system to rescue our planet and invigorate our economy.

Matthew Mayers



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