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The Readers' Forum: A wrong move

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A wrong move

My husband and I voted early in Forsyth County. We both chose Stan Elrod for a position on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board. The following day Elrod passed away. We wondered how our vote for him would be handled. We voted for Stan Elrod, the man, not Stan Elrod, a Republican. Elrod was principal at Reynolds High School when both of my sons attended. He was a very kind and caring person, very engaging and inspiring to his students.

Susan Miller was named the GOP candidate to inherit Elrod’s votes at a meeting held Monday night by executive GOP committee members (“GOP nominates Miller for school board,” Nov. 1). Susan Miller may be a qualified candidate. But assuming that any other candidate can simply take Elrod’s place and inherit his votes (that are already cast) is just wrong. I would prefer my vote for Elrod be left uncounted.

Jayne Russell


This arrived after the deadline for election letters on Monday. Given the unusual circumstances, and the vote for Elrod’s replacement on Monday night, we’ve made a rare exception. — the editor

Risking lives

I am constantly amazed how harshly some people condemn those responsible for our safety and public health by criticizing them for protecting us and our children during the unprecedented COVID pandemic.

Never before had we encountered such a grim public health crisis that was literally killing our friends, families and neighbors. Do these critics think they had a better solution than using masks and resorting to distance learning?

As a recently retired Wake Forest University professor, I didn’t like ending my career by teaching online. The alternative to this method of teaching would have put my life, and those of my students and colleagues, in jeopardy of severe illness or even worse.

Second-guessing important decisions is easy. Taking responsibility is not. We should be thanking those leaders who chose life over death, and not taking them to task.

David B. Levy


Trump endorses

Former President Trump endorsed Kelly Loeffler for the Georgia state Senate and she lost. Trump endorsed David Perdue for Georgia state Senate and he lost.

Trump endorsed former N.C. Rep. Madison Cawthorn and we know what happened.

Trump endorsed Jair Bolsonaro for president of Brazil and he lost.

Trump endorsed N.C. Rep. Ted Budd for the Senate? If I were Budd, I would have avoided Trump at all cost.

Jimmy Tabuchi


No decency

Paul Pelosi is an 82-year-old man. He was at home by himself, apparently sleeping, when a man broke into his house, hoping to do harm to his wife. The man wound up, instead, beating Paul Pelosi with a hammer. He suffered a skull fracture and injury to his right arm and hands.

And some prominent Republicans are delighted. How funny!

Police say the two didn’t know each other previously. Police say that. The men in blue.

But Republicans from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake to Donald Trump Jr. to the former president of the United States are yukking it up and telling stories with no basis in fact about the situation. I suppose that’s what we should have expected from Trump and his supporters.

There is no decency left in the Republican Party. There is only deceit and cruelty.

There is no decency left in any Christian church that claims to support Republican policies. There is only deceit and cruelty.

I hope their god gives them the judgment they deserve.

Lonnie Kirkman Winston-Salem

The leading reason

In the Oct. 30 letter “Goodbye,” the writer asks what matters more than saying goodbye to legal abortion and Social Security if Republicans win.

I say, while those issues are of major importance, saying goodbye to our democratic form of government with a deep dive into fascism is the leading reason to vote blue.

Julia Donaghy


Wind up

If we vote as if winning a majority is more important than morality or competence, we’ll wind up with an immoral, incompetent government.

Danny Ryan


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