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The Readers' Forum: Empty shelves
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Empty shelves

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A supply crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could impact holiday sales, leaving shelves empty in some cases, according to a statement from White House officials.

Empty shelves

The people who told us that former President Trump won the 2020 election are now telling us that shelves in American grocery stores are empty.

We’ve got to help. Where is this happening?

Since it’s not happening here, I’d like to suggest that someone organize a food drive for these starving areas. I’m willing to take some of the surplus from local grocery stores and send it to …

Where? Where in America are there empty shelves?

We’ve first got to identify those places — not with the phony photos that Fox News host Laura Ingraham aired, before she was forced to admit they weren’t real, or the photos taken during Trump’s weak pandemic response, when you couldn’t buy toilet paper. No, the real places. Now.

My heart goes out to them. We need to help.

There’s just one problem: Where are they?

Monty Owen


No climate excuses

“Climate-related problems increase” was the headline of a brief article in the Oct. 21 Journal. This time it’s heat related deaths, disease and hunger that are increasing. Add this to the increasing wildfires, drought and intense storms. Climate scientists have been warning about these problems for decades, but because fossil fuel companies painted those scientists as Chicken Littles and politicians lacked the courage to cross those fossil fuel companies, there has been little action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Now that the problem is undeniable, some politicians still give excuses to not act. A popular excuse is that we can’t do anything until China does something, as if China’s greenhouse gas emissions only hurt China and are not altering our climate, too. Instead of using China as an excuse, maybe those politicians should follow the lead of Sen. Mitt Romney and find ways to use our economic power to get China to reduce its emissions.

In a recent interview, Sen. Romney said that a price on carbon pollution with a border carbon adjustment is the best way to persuade China to act and is the only way to dramatically reduce global emissions.

A price on carbon coupled with a border adjustment and dividends to households is our best hope to reduce emissions. The dividends will help working families and the border adjustment will get China to act. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis should join Sen. Romney and publicly support a price on carbon pollution.

Bill Blancato


Border security

I just read that 192,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the southern border last month. That’s the highest number of September apprehensions ever recorded by the Department of Homeland Security.

I just have to say, good job, Biden administration! And people say there’s no border security.

Rodney Page


Disappointing failure

On Oct. 20, the Freedom to Vote Act was halted in its tracks when not one Republican senator voted to move the bill forward in the Senate.

This bill was aimed at combating hindrances to voting, including making Election Day a national holiday and setting minimum standards for early voting and voting by mail to ensure that all Americans, including working-class Americans and Americans of color, have the ability to make their voices heard.

The failure of this bill to pass is greatly disappointing, especially given the fact it was already watered down following the failure of the For the People Act. It is even more upsetting to see that, in a time where bipartisanship is desperately needed, rather than negotiating or collaborating with the Democrats, the Republican Party decided to unanimously vote against a bill aimed at furthering Americans’ access to their most fundamental right.

Expanding the accessibility of voting to fellow Americans should not be a partisan issue as our freedom to vote, something all Americans should cherish, is only useful when that freedom is accessible to all of us.

Lauren Chiaradio



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