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The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

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Incredible effort

To the Class of 2022:

Congratulations! You put in 13 years of incredible effort and time. I, along with our entire community, celebrate your success. I am confident you have bright futures ahead.

As you take time to reflect on your educational journey you will remember many wonderful moments. However, during the pandemic, I know you think of times when you felt buried by life’s circumstances. Because of COVID, your time in high school was likely not all you’d hoped for. Cancellations, closures and quarantines changed our routines and may have caused you to miss some of those storied high school experiences.

While your experiences may have been different than anticipated, I want to acknowledge the experiences you did have that make your class, and you, unique. You’ve gained strength and courage to overcome adversity. You navigated a departure from traditional learning and moved to virtual learning. As a return to school began, you readjusted to the differences. I encourage you to use this to always remind yourself of the strength you’ve gained. Learning to overcome adversity is one’s biggest advantage.

I am so very proud of the strength you have shown over the last few years. Life doesn’t always go as planned. Your high school experience certainly didn’t. What matters is how you faced it and how you’ve grown. Those lessons, coupled with all the many others, have provided you with a unique blueprint for success.

You are more than equipped for a future of great accomplishment!


Tricia McManus


McManus is the superintendent of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. — the editor

Cold day

Uvalde: Little children smearing themselves with blood hoping the shooter would think they were dead and not shoot them. Pools of blood on the classroom floor. A little girl calling 911 repeatedly begging for police to come: “My teacher is shot, I think she’s dead.” Horrific, lifelong, emotionally, psychologically scarring memories that these children will never ever be able to erase or forget.

All of my children were once 18. I remember how impulsive they could be, how risky their behavior could be, how spontaneous and not thought-out their decisions could be, how their plans could change from hour to hour. How often I worried about them just driving a car! And they were “normal, good” kids. Put an AR-15 in their hands?? The thought terrifies me.

In N.C., anyone 16 and older must have a license to fish. What in the world is the matter with Republican senators and two wanna-be-Republican Democrat senators who won’t support what 90% of American people want: background checks, licenses to buy guns and red flag laws to stop people with a history of violence or mental health issues from purchasing guns. The Second Amendment says … bear arms. It does not state the right to military assault weapons.

Forget your petitions, phone calls, etc., to Sen. Richard Burr: $6.79 million from the NRA. Sen. Thom Tillis: $4.42 million. Two of the top four recipients. It’ll be a cold day in hell before they vote against anything the NRA wants.

Lois Roewade


Just an actor

“Matthew McConaughey is just an actor,” say people who voted for a reality TV show host for president. “He’s from Hollywood,” though he’s from Uvalde, Texas. “It’s just a stunt,” but he exhibits more courage than one single Republican legislator who shivers in his or her boots, scared to death that the NRA will back someone else.

Jennie Kurra


Last people

Your recent criticism of Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (“Our view: How low can Robinson go?” June 3) was not sufficient. Here is an elected official who claims that he’s preparing to shoot up government agents. He should be impeached and thrown in jail for threatening lives.

This is what support for the Second Amendment is coming to: A nationwide movement of conservatives who think they have the right to overthrow the government because they can’t accept the outcome of elections.

Second Amendment proponents keep proving to us, over and over, that they’re not responsible people. They’re the last people in this country who should have access to firearms.

Jeffrey Armistead



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