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The Readers' Forum: Friday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

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Money matters

I read with great interest your coverage of N.C. Rep. Lee Zachary’s “House Bill 379: Full Disclosure of Printer Costs” (“Bill would detail cost of owning printers,” April 5).

For many years, the computer industry has recognized that the “Golden Goose” was not the computer hardware, but rather the consumables and “add-ons.” To emphasize this point, manufacturers rig the game.

When we print a document, many printers use all the color cartridges to create the black print in order to use up the more expensive cartridges first. This is simply naughty.

I applaud Zachary’s non-controversial and sensible attempt to improve our lives. But I doubt Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu or Epson will be carrying placards in front of his office or home. It’s unlikely any of us will even yawn.

There is another matter that could put millions of dollars back into the local community and billions back into the state: Revamp the finances around the North Carolina film industry.

We once had a significant film industry that brought large amounts of money to restaurants, hotels and a vast number of other businesses. Then, in 2000, when the N.C. legislature changed the tax law around films made in N.C., they all picked up production right in the middle of filming and went to Georgia.

We have an opening: Georgia has passed legislation that angers many.

Come on, Zachary, ruffle some feathers, bring back billions to the state. Oh, and thanks for saving me the $50 on printer cartridges. I appreciate it.

David Rodwell


What are passports?

The people who are complaining about the possibility of “vaccine passports” — do they even know what these passports are? Are they, maybe, just intimidated by the word “passport,” something they never thought they’d need? Do they know that it’s the business community, not liberal Democrats, that is pushing for them?

Do the people who are complaining about “carrying papers” have driver’s licenses?

Are these the same people who keep telling us that photo IDs are easy to acquire and should be required to vote?

Are they the same people who keep complaining that we need to open everything up? Do they know that vaccine passports would facilitate (that means “help”) in opening things up?

Do they really want us to open again? If so, why do they keep fighting the measures that would allow us to open again?

So many questions; so much ignorance.

Henry Tubb


Come back to us

Charles Joseph Donohoe is a leader of the Proud Boys (“Donohoe pleads not guilty,” April 7) but he’s not the top leader. The top leader, the president of Proud Boys, is Enrique Tarrio. He took over from founder Gavin McInnes in 2018.

The founder and leader of Oath Keepers is Stewart Rhodes.

Does anyone know who the leader of antifa is? No. Because antifa is not an organization; it’s a movement, a philosophy. You can’t declare it to be a terrorist organization, as former President Trump once suggested, and you can’t arrest people for being members of antifa, because it has no members. Anyone who opposes fascism is antifa.

Conservatives who watch Fox News and listen to Trump have been fed so much nonsense that they think black is white (almost literally) and night is day. They think they’re being persecuted for their race, not their racism. They’re living in a fantasy world.

Reject fake news Fox News, conservatives. Come back to reality. We need you.

Ronnie Miller


Too long?

I’m sorry some think Long Creek Park is taking too long for an upgrade (“Park getting an upgrade,” April 7).

They’re lucky. A five-year wait is nothing, and at least they’re getting to use the park. Meanwhile, we’ve had 12 years looking at “Downtown’s Living Room” (aka Merschel Park): a pile of construction debris, mud puddles, weeds, trash and what looks like a giant burial mound. Promise after promise, at least four different landscape plans and a lot of stalling and silence.

Good luck to Long Creek visitors. Merschel Park visitors are rats.

Dell James


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