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The Readers' Forum: Friday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

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Differing views

Even though I am writing to the Opinion page, “opinion” in the truest sense of the word may be dead and is at least under unprecedented attack. It has been replaced with labeling, name-calling and vitriol. What has happened to respect for differing views?

Recent headlines on the Journal Opinion page have included the words “racist,” “moochers” and “conservative.” It seems appropriate when the Opinion page is in the middle of the Sports section!

Respect for opinion does require research and evidence before disagreeing. Even the primary children I taught cited three sources in their farm animal studies (for example). Should we not expect that from adults? This does take time, but we now have all the resources available.

Facebook, Twitter, yadda yadda yadda, don’t count.

Patricia Williams

Bermuda Run


Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on March 26 signed legislation allowing doctors to refuse to treat someone because of religious or moral objections, a move opponents have said will give providers broad powers to turn away LGBTQ patients and others.

This comes on top of Christian support for the infamous bakers who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

These are just two examples upon many of Christians who don’t really care about the effect their religion has on people.

There are more verses in the Bible about greed than homosexuality (and none about being transgender), but you never hear about Christians refusing service to someone because they’re greedy. The Bible condemns adultery, but Christians never object to the wedding cakes of people on their third marriages. Evangelicals voted for an unrepentant serial adulterer for president in 2016 and 2020.

All this tells me that while there may be a few “good” Christians, many of them are nothing but hypocrites. They don’t take their own religion seriously. They shouldn’t expect me to.

James T. Fuller



We’ve got a deadly pandemic. We’ve got a climate crisis that’s causing increased flooding and disastrous storms. We’ve got an aged infrastructure that poses the danger of bridge and road collapse. We’ve got people crowding the southern border. We’ve got income inequality that threatens working people with lifelong debt. We’ve got a lack of access to medical care. And Republicans have decided that this is a great time to pick on kids who want to play sports.

Yes, they’re transgender kids. They’re vulnerable, they’re scared and they’re pariahs to conservative religious people.

Perfect targets for Republicans.

It’s always someone, isn’t it? They’ve always got to find someone they can make “less than.”

It beats working on the real problems, I guess — especially when the only solutions they have are lower taxes and more guns.

Siri Bruccilieri


Go to church

I know how much you love controversy, so I’m surprised that you haven’t praised rapper Lil Nas X yet for his satanic, homosexual video hit (“Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”) and his “Satan shoes.” Apparently, he’s trying to outdo Cardi B’s “WAP” in filthiness and offense.

Who would ever have thought that parents would allow their children to listen to such filth?

Also in the news is that New York is the latest state to legalize marijuana. Why haven’t you written an editorial praising that decision yet?

These are the warning signs that are a result of declining church attendance, as the Pew Research Center reports. For the first time in American history, less than 50% of the population reports that it attends church regularly.

Without church attendance, our country faces a grave moral decline. Our children are getting their lessons from TikTok videos and Netflix movies rather than from strong, traditional Christian ministries.

Parents need to wake up to what their children are being exposed to. And they need to wake up on Sunday morning and take their children to church!

Sharon Atkins



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