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The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

The Readers' Forum: Friday letters

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Redrawing wards

The Winston-Salem City Council will begin the process of redrawing wards to reflect population changes within the city ("Setting boundaries," Nov. 9).

There are several items the City Council should examine in this process. The first is that, with the rapid growth of residents in downtown, it is time for downtown residents to have their own voice on the City Council. Second, keeping current City Council members in their own ward should be irrelevant. The redrawing of the wards should be about the residents; otherwise it is about gerrymandering for political longevity.

Jay Allred


Pay attention

I can only wonder what kind of childhood editorial page editor Mick Scott must have had to be so spiteful about parents (“Watch the ripples change their size,” Nov. 17). Placed side by side with columnist Scott Sexton’s complaints (“Lt. Gov. Robinson serves up a sermon,” Nov. 17), it seems like much of the Journal staff is not only anti-family, but anti-religion. How they achieved the ranks of the employed is a mystery.

For the record, most parents do a very good job of raising their children while imbuing them with solid values. They don’t teach their children to be bullies or religious maniacs. In fact, these days, conservative parents have to warn their children to be careful what they say in school lest they upset their politically correct classmates or teachers.

Being “open-minded” must include considering conservative ideas.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is pointing out the failures of schools to guard the morality of their children the way parents would. School boards and teachers unions had better pay attention. They can easily be replaced.

Jonathan Snoak


Surging again

COVID is surging once again (“Positive test rate hits 5-week high in NC,” Nov. 17). We could have defeated this thing, but too many selfish people listened to Fox News’ lies, argued about “my rights” and refused to cooperate with a rational strategy.

We’re going to be wearing these damn masks for the rest of our lives, aren’t we?

Ry Andrews



Rep. Paul Gosar deserved being censured over the violent video he posted. But he’s not alone. The behavior in Congress has declined to a disturbing degree in the last decade — and not just among Republicans. Both Republicans and Democrats have expressed extreme and crude views and it needs to stop. They all need to take a step back and walk toward civility.

It’s not just their language, either. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Republicans should be trying to censure each other because they didn’t like the way someone voted.

That doesn’t mean they can’t disagree — but they shouldn’t be disagreeable. Every elected member of Congress is an American, but too many are treating those on the other side like enemies.

Partisanship has become so sharp that some are talking about civil war. Sen. Ted Cruz is talking about secession because he can’t accept election results. Our legislators, both Republican and Democratic, should be condemning such rhetoric.

Gosar — and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who never met a conspiracy theory or an insult she didn’t like — should be expelled from the House for their violent threats. Every single member of Congress needs to take seriously their responsibility to set an example for the rest of the country and quit the nutty talk.

I’m sorry that Sen. Richard Burr has decided not to run again. Whatever his flaws, he’s not crazy and he respected the institution of the Senate. If only it had rubbed off on his colleagues.

Paul Utley


Tell the Republicans

Columnist John Hood urges us, “Don’t buy the myth about voter turnout” (Nov. 14). It’s not necessarily true, he says, that the more people who vote, the more Democrats will win.

He should get this message across to his Republican friends. They’re still trying to limit Black votes to ensure their dominance of a state in which they are a numeric minority.

Harry Bowen



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