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The Readers' Forum: God can use imperfect, even flawed people

The Readers' Forum: God can use imperfect, even flawed people

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Optimistic president

President Biden’s address last week was so optimistic! He didn’t refer to “American carnage” once. He sees a bright future for our nation. That encourages me.

I realize that some critics think he’s leading us the wrong way. I hope they’ll pray for God to protect and guide him. That’s certainly what Biden prays for.

God can use imperfect, even flawed people to perform his will, just like he did with King Cyrus. Biden could be our generation’s King Cyrus.

Malcolm Ramsey


Praise for Burr

The writer of the April 30 letter “They don’t represent me” asked for letters praising Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. Well, here’s a letter praising Sen. Burr and asking him to do more.

Last year, the solar industry had record growth with solar accounting for 43% of new electricity generating capacity. Prices for solar electricity have fallen 45% over the last five years and it is now less expensive to produce energy with solar than with fossil fuels. Sen. Burr helped make this happen by supporting bipartisan legislation to provide tax credits to nurture this vital new industry.

Thanks to Sen. Burr’s bipartisan work, we are developing alternatives to fossil fuels that are essential to combating climate change. But simply developing these alternatives is not enough. We also need comprehensive bipartisan legislation to promote conservation and efficiency.

We often hear that we should not do more to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions because China is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. A lot of China’s emissions come from producing goods that are shipped to the United States. China needs access to American markets. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act takes advantage of China’s need for access to our markets by placing a tariff on its goods if it does not commit to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Sen. Burr can build on his prior support of the solar energy industry by supporting comprehensive market-based legislation like the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Bill Blancato


God in charge

If that letter writer (“God and abortion,” April 30) thinks that God is in charge of the uterus, it is ridiculous! Does she also think that He is in charge of headaches, toothaches and leg cramps? No way — nor is He is in charge of our health — we are.

God is not involved in our conception once He has given a new human baby a soul — an eternal soul that will live forever. Mistakes have happened in history, terrible things that should not be excused and we will not be excused for the 8 million human babies aborted in our time.

Regina Franck


Means nothing

The Winston-Salem City Council's apology for slavery ("City issues apology for past racism," April 20) is only a feel-good political statement that means nothing.

When will the council apologize for allowing RJ Reynolds to kill hundreds of thousands around the world that continues today? I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen, I'm sure they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.

Jerry Jordan


Critical thinking needed

Byron Williams summarizes what is missing in our world today: critical thinking skills and lack of knowledge of the democratic institutions that influenced the founders of democracy (“Classical education is essential to freedom,” May 2).

Without readers, we have no great leaders.

Williams hit the spot with his comments that there is spiritual and moral decay brought on by a deep intellectual void in American culture. Let’s have more critical thinking and less big-mouth political speech making.

Thank you, Byron, for encouraging us to think and reflect

Henry McCarthy



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