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The Readers' Forum: Merry Christmas
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Merry Christmas

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Christmas has been around for centuries, but photographs have not. Thankfully these were preserved from 100 years ago. Buzz60’s Keri Lumm has more.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody! Here we are together again for the joys of the season. I know we have had more sickness this year, but there has also been healing. We have so much to be thankful for, and we can also be the light to someone’s darkness.

Let us give of ourselves in every way because when you give, you receive so much more in return. Let us call or write to a soldier who needs to hear from home. Let’s visit a shut-in or an elderly friend who needs a hug or kind word. With no immune system, I can’t go out, but I love knitting scarf hugs to share. Let us spend time with our children and grandchildren because all they want is love and attention.

Let us spread hope, joy, kindness and love to anybody and everybody. Keep on paying it forward and as always feel the Spirit.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Teri Lu Wilson Mabe


A fitting description

I was saddened to learn of John Gates’ death. The Dec. 21 letter “Community cheerleader” is a fitting description of this caring gentleman.

I met John in the early 1980s as a group of parents were beginning our efforts to establish a Ronald McDonald House near N.C. Baptist Hospital. I did not realize the impact one man, John Gates, would have in these efforts until I began compiling the history of the first four years of what was then called “The Rainbow House.”

The Sentinel, which was the evening paper, and the Journal were instrumental in educating Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas of the need to provide a “home away from home” for families of seriously ill children being treated at our medical facilities. Multiple stories were featured in both papers, and the community responded with its time, talents and money to make the house a reality. The Rainbow/Ronald McDonald House opened in 1984 and continues to serve hundreds of families each year.

I was a stranger to Winston-Salem; John Gates introduced me to this generous community. After our opening in 1984, John would invite me to lunch and “catch up on the house.” Each year he would follow up with an article reminding the community of the continuing need for “the house that love built.”

There were and continue to be many cheerleaders in our giving community. John Gates will be remembered by me as the “Head Cheerleader.” I pray there will be others to continue his legacy.

Penny Latham Mothershed


All over again

Wait — we have to do this all over again? The masking, safe distancing, washing hands and so forth? Because of a new COVID variant (“Officials: Omicron surge is headed to N.C.,” Dec. 21)?

Well, OK. I don’t want to, but it sure beats dying.

It beats inadvertently killing someone else, too.

Ry Andrews


It’s Christmastime

Stop shouting — it’s Christmastime.

Lay down your weapons — it’s Christmastime.

Stop pointing fingers — it’s Christmastime.

Don’t be stingy — it’s Christmastime.

Think about others — it’s Christmastime.

Remember the One who was born this day. Remember what he taught. Read what he taught. It was all about giving, not taking. It was all about helping, not harming.

It’s Christmastime. If only it could last all year. Maybe this really could be a Christian nation.

Philip Bent


Christ represents hope

I appreciate Editorial Page Editor Mick Scott’s call to remember what Dr. Seuss trained us for: that Christmas is not about stuff, but about togetherness (“My personal war on Christmas,” Dec. 19).

Let’s also remember what Linus taught us (in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”): It’s not about the glitz or the pageantry but about the birth of the Christ child.

The story is one that resonates, even with people who are not Christians, like me, because it represents hope — hope for a better, kinder world.

Is it too late to hope that we can mend the nation’s divide? That we can care about others enough to help them avoid a deadly disease? That we can reject pleasant-sounding lies and embrace the necessary truth?

I hope not.

Rick Boers



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