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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Make things happen

As we start a new year, we have the opportunity to make this world a healthier, less divided, friendlier place to live not only in 2021, but for generations to come!

It all starts with you, the person reading this. You can start by making the world healthier by exercising, eating healthier, going to your physicals, wearing your mask where required, washing your hands and encouraging others to do the same. Look beyond COVID, but there will always be sickness.

American pride is essential for us to become less divided. Write to politicians, listen to the side other than yours. Know we are Americans first.

By being kind, you are making our country more friendly. There are many ideas on the internet of how to help others. Make it a New Year's resolution to do something nice every day. Don't forget to thank people for the smallest of things and smile and keep a positive attitude.

Michelle Lande Clark


A clear and present danger

Is anyone surprised by what happened Wednesday when a mob stormed and breached the U.S. Capitol? The GOP has spent decades teaching the public to hate government to further its own political purposes and done its best to undermine the efforts of government agencies to protect Americans from corporate greed, predatory practices and environmental pollution.

President Trump only fanned those flames amid the worst pandemic in a century that he bungled and an economy that has millions still out of work and struggling to put food on the table. He has repeatedly vilified and blamed his failures on government for years, characterizing it as the "deep state.”

Several in that mob reportedly used online sites to urge people to start insurrections across the United States. Do they understand that the American Civil War roughly 120 years ago had more casualties than all other American wars combined and resulted in 600,000 dead, another 500,000 wounded and perhaps as many as 150,000 civilians killed by direct violence, starvation and disease? What are Americans going to do about individuals in our communities who can easily buy semiautomatic weapons and as much ammo as they want from the thousands of gun shops in this country and wreak havoc on our society? How many more Columbines, Sandy Hooks and Stoneman Douglas massacres are we going to have? When will the pain and loss we have suffered and the madness we have perpetuated end?

Tim Miles

Mount Airy

Nothing less

President Trump’s 2016 election gave me concern for the future of this country. His conduct in office since then convinced me my fears were well founded.

It bothered me that many veterans voted for this coward to be the commander in chief. I served four years, seven months and one day in the U.S. Navy. I did not ask my daddy to get a doctor to say I had bone spurs so I could dodge the draft.

On Wednesday, I watched with sadness and disgust as our coward in chief urged his supporters to march to the Capitol to disrupt the counting of the Electoral College votes, saying he would walk with them. After exhorting them to do so, he slunk away to the White House, in typical Trumpian cowardly fashion. He probably went straight to the basement bunker.

He instigated, promoted and called for an insurrection against the United States of America. His conduct and statements, beginning even before this election, and since he lost the election by, what in his own words four years ago, was a “landslide,” amount to nothing less than sedition.

One of his supporters, following his call to march on the Capitol, lost her life breaking into the building. Her blood is on his hands, as surely as if he had shot her on Fifth Avenue. He and his crowd of riotous thugs, along with his sycophant enablers in Congress, should be charged with treason.

George A. Bedsworth


A wonderful experience

My husband and I had a wonderful experience getting our vaccinations at Davidson Community College in Thomasville on Jan 7.

The registration was online and easy to access. It was much more efficient than using phone lines. After registering, an email was sent to all with a map of college, parking facilities and the building where the injections would be given. Upon arrival, there were volunteers aplenty to direct us to our destination. Shots were given in a large room by competent medical personnel. We experienced zero waiting time and much courtesy.

Thank you, Davidson County, for your preparedness.

Lois Gerhardt


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