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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Voter litmus test

Regarding the recent letter about voter ID (“Voter suppression?” April 20), I would like to pose the following question: For the poor and indigent, why do they not see a voter ID card as a litmus test for the compassion and faithfulness of their local party?

If I was poor and indigent with no help, no transportation, no other resource, I would call the local Democratic Party or the local Republican Party and ask for their assistance in getting whatever ID is needed. Of course, if they wouldn’t help me, I would tell them three things are going to happen. First, I will never vote for your party again. Second, I’m going to tell every soul I know that you are not interested in the downtrodden masses, that you are all talk and no action. Third (and worst of all), I’m calling columnist Scott Sexton at the Journal so he can reveal on the front page why your party is so callous and interview the Scrooge who denied me just as Peter denied Christ.

Perhaps the Journal should explore if party workers in nearby counties would help the disenfranchised obtain an ID. Their answer would tell Journal readers if a voter ID requirement is a burden or just a lot of whining from the left. So, local party chairs should put up or shut up.

Harry R. Cooke


Try Biden’s way

I realize that President Biden’s infrastructure plan probably seems radical to a lot of conservatives, with his effort to lift children out of poverty and increase middle-class pay and improve health care. That, they might say, might sound like worthy goals, but it’s not “infrastructure.”

I might agree and say we should find another way to do those things. But we’ve been aware of these problems for some time now and nothing’s been done. Trickle-down economics don’t work and Republicans spent the last four years making the rich richer and the poor poorer. None of that alleviates any of these serious, long-term problems. Maybe we should just try something different, like Biden’s way.

Ricky S. Phillips


‘Free stuff’

Last week I watched “Gone with the Wind” again and saw a depiction of post-war carpetbaggers promising the newly freed people “40 acres and a mule.” They said, “…and you’re going to become voters, and you’re going to vote like your friends vote.”

Now we have President Biden’s State of the Union address and his program is just like that: promise free stuff to keep himself and his friends in power. Rob from the successful few to buy votes from the many.

That seems to be the Democrats’ program — why should a person take one of the jobs that are posted all over town when there’s just as much to be made on enhanced unemployment benefits? Who else has noticed how little of the “infrastructure” program is for actual infrastructure and how much is for giveaways and make-work? Who else has noticed this: Rich people don’t take from anyone; they have to give something to get paid.

Government takes. The Republicans used to be better but I’m not so sure any more. Maybe Libertarian would be better?

Michael Woods


The double standard

“Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot,” former, twice-impeached President Trump told Maria Bartiromo during her Fox Business show on April 29. “He does these things — he just loves this country, and they raid his apartment. It’s, like, so unfair, and such a double — it’s like a double-standard, like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before.”

What’s the double standard?

If you’re a Black person who is stopped by the police for any reason, you deserve everything you get — even a knee to the neck for 9 minutes. But if you’re a rich New Yorker who “loves this country,” i.e. a Trump supporter, being held accountable for breaking the law is unfair.

If you’re a Central American refugee desperately struggling to save your children from being raped and murdered, the U.S. Border Patrol should ship you back with no mercy and no hearing. But if you’re a patriotic Trump supporter who invades the U.S. Capitol and Tasers a Capitol police officer, holding you accountable is unfair.

Yes, I see it — I see the double-standard now.

Helen Batterton


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