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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Limbaugh's passing

I’m sure I share the sentiments of the majority of your readers appalled at the treatment accorded Rush Limbaugh’s death in the Feb. 18 Journal. His stature absolutely warranted the announcement on the front page, just above the masthead. He was the highest-profile radio announcer of our time with a constituency in the millions. Yet for you to print the vitriol from the Associated Press account of his passing on the next page (“Conservative radio host Limbaugh dies") was shocking. We’re all aware of the AP’s political leanings. Your job is disinterested journalism.

I speak as an independent, an increasingly rare bird in today’s agitated political climate. I never watched Limbaugh’s TV program, and until recently I never listened to him on the radio. When I first tuned in to his show, what struck me was his ability to probe beyond surface-level stuff to what he deemed to be the core of the matter. Few possess this skill; I’ve always felt Peggy Noonan shares this rare talent.

The AP says Limbaugh was “self-promoting.” Is there any public figure who is not self-promoting? When Muhammad Ali proclaimed “I am the greatest,” we all laughed. When Limbaugh claimed to be “a gift from God,” we all laughed. We’re used to entertainers occasionally going over-the-top. We know and trust what’s behind the hyperbole.

We should leave the AP to its petty small-mindedness. Your paper should approach the passing of any public figure and the folks who mourn his/her loss with time-honored decency.

Peter Mooney



In the Feb. 18 Journal, I saw at the very top of the second page the headline about Rush Limbaugh‘s death ("Conservative radio host Limbaugh dies").

There are very few people in this world whose death deserves to be at the very top of a newspaper page. He is not one of them. Whatever one may say about his importance, his positions, or his behavior, it was a mistake to make him a headline.

Matthew Bryant


A better school system

The Feb. 18 front page story, "Longtime school administrator dies," about the death of Nelson Jessup brought back many memories of Nelson.

I was privileged to serve on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools board for eight years and during that time got to know and admire Nelson. He was the ultimate professional in his job. He treated everyone with respect and listened carefully to what you were saying. Yet he was able to get across his points in such a respectful way that you really didn't feel that he was disagreeing with you. I think he would have done well in the diplomatic corps.

I know we had a better school system because of him. And I join with many others in mourning his passing.

Candy Wood


Too little, too late

With all due respect to Sen. Richard Burr for voting his conscience, it is too little, too late. Former President Trump had been signaling his intention to overthrow the election since November. Too bad Burr didn't find the integrity and courage he is now being praised for sooner. If the leaders of his party had stood up to Trump earlier, the events of Jan. 6, and the death and destruction that ensued, would likely never have happened. The best we can hope for now is that lessons were learned. However, that seems a dim hope, with so many Republicans still clinging to Trump like barnacles on a sunken ship.

In his Feb. 15 column, “Biden’s task after the Senate trial,” David Ignatius said that "half the country can't be the enemy." That is, not if we are to survive as a free and democratic country. We must somehow get past the big and little lies that have circulated since 2016 and return to truth and sanity.

Lee Pulliam



Praise for Sen. Richard Burr ("Good for Sen. Burr," Feb. 17)? Unbelievable. As a member of a Do-nothing Congress, where has he been the last four years? His impeachment vote was him trying to save his legacy.

Robert Caudle


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