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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Half-measure respect

An article on climate change (Nov. 6) was headlined “New study suggests food fixes: Veganism not required; half measures would work, researchers find.” The term “half measures” usually implies incomplete or insincere efforts to solve problems. But “half measures” can work and don’t deserve this bum rap.

The article addressed greenhouse emissions caused by the world’s food system, especially meat production. While a perfect (but not universally popular) solution would be that we all become vegans, more acceptable “half measures” might still prove very effective.

Researchers said that following daily calorie recommendations would reduce greenhouses gases, as would better farm management, reduced food waste and much less meat consumption (but not total abstinence).

I’d add that meat reduction could be partly offset by changing our mix of meats. Producing a pound of pork contributes much less in greenhouse emissions than a pound of beef; poultry and fish, even less. Substitution from beef to other meats might even make cardiologists happy. (Half measures often serve other good objectives.)

Researchers noted that these half measures would be powerful, even if they attained only half their potential impact. (In this case do they become quarter measures?)

Half measures can help now — even while more complete solutions are delayed. As a society we should consider half measures to address other major problems, even while seeking better, but more elusive, solutions. Half measures deserve some respect.

Donald Frey


On their own

In reference to “COVID-19 cases pass 10,000 in Forsyth County” (Nov. 10), how many more children and teachers are we willing to risk before North Carolinians take this pandemic seriously? With an outbreak of COVID-19 at Moore Magnet Elementary School, you would think someone finally might.

Following the reelection of Gov. Roy Cooper, I’m holding on to some semblance of hope that we can make it through this pandemic, yet the future looks bleak. The Cooper administration monitoring positive case counts and hospitalizations is a nice strategy, but I think we need more. Cooper is pushing for Medicaid expansion, so I’m sure that would help many people cover their expenses and allow them to receive proper treatments.

However, with the GOP legislature, I can practically kiss all hope of Medicaid expansion goodbye. It looks like North Carolinians are on their own during this pandemic. Unfortunately, the outbreak is here to stay.

Bree Monroe


News organization?

Can you believe it? Fox News somehow forgot that it wasn’t a news organization, but an arm of the Republican Party, made by the golden goose, President Trump, to support the golden goose, President Trump!

It had almost convinced everyone, including liberals, that it was a legitimate news organization. Thank goodness Trump straightened everyone out.

Perry Mitchell


Pray for Cunningham

Let's all pray for Cal Cunningham. His name has been dragged through the mud long enough. Leave his personal life to him and his family. Enough is enough of anything and I think at this time he needs prayers instead of dragging the past out.

The election is over and the Republicans got what they wanted; so may it be. I got a card yesterday on the same old thing about Cal Cunningham. He's already been hurt enough. Let's go to Washington for a while. I'm sure we could find plenty up there that we need to clean.

Shirley Joyner Bailey


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