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The Readers' Forum: Monday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

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Unbiased media

I would like to suggest that those who write The Readers’ Forum to complain about “biased media” enlighten us by letting us know where they receive their information about the goings on in the world.

The writer of the Oct. 22 letter “Biased media” claims that NBC, ABC and C-SPAN all are left-wing outlets that are biased against President Trump, and then asks why only left-wing media are picked to moderate the debates. She did not mention that the moderator of the first debate was from Fox News.

Ad Fonte Media has a website with a media bias chart on which dozens of news sources are placed based on both their reliability and their bias toward the left or the right. On that chart, ABC, NBC and C-SPAN are placed in the most reliable category, with ABC and C-SPAN in the center and NBC with a slightly left-leaning bias. Fox News is in the somewhat reliable category with a “hyper-partisan” right-leaning bias.

If the letter writer wants moderators from more right-leaning media sources than Fox, that takes us to outlets that I am not familiar with (definitely not “mainstream media”) with quite low reliability. I wonder if those are the types of sources that those who complain about the “liberal media” are tuned in to.

Well-informed citizens and a free press being essential to a functioning democracy, we must all be aware of how reliable our news sources are, as well as their tendencies toward bias.

John MacMillan


Not on the ballot

If you want honesty, truthfulness, transparency, fidelity, kindness, goodness, fairness or equity you will not find it on Nov. 3.

Unfortunately, He is not on the ballot. Fortunately, we need neither party to teach us how to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Paul Armstrong


It is personal

My husband and I are self-employed, so health insurance has always been expensive and limited in choices for us.

Last year, I was diagnosed with lymphoma and am now amongst the millions of Americans with a pre-existing condition. I am very concerned about what may happen to us if the Affordable Care Act is overturned by the Supreme Court or a Republican-controlled legislature in Washington and the subsequent effect here in North Carolina. The GOP, despite vowing to protect preexisting conditions, has offered up nothing in writing that we can consider. That is not acceptable.

Terri LeGrand is a hard-working mother caring for a daughter with a chronic medical condition. She understands the struggles firsthand. She’s running for the right reasons and will work hard for all citizens of Senate District 31.

Shawn McFarlin


A difficult issue

Abortion is a difficult issue. No woman is eager to have one or treats it lightly. At times it is chosen as the better option.

I wish we lived in a world without abortion, but abortion has always been here. We decide whether they are safe, to whom they will be available and what can be done to reduce the numbers.

I support safe, equal access and increased access to birth control.

Abortions are currently at their lowest levels since nationwide legalization. Delaware, which had the highest rate of unplanned pregnancies, effectively reduced the number of abortions by 34% over three years by increasing access to long-acting reversible contraceptives, which are 20 times more effective than others.

Children deserve parents who want them. The decision belongs to the woman, her partner and her doctor, not government. We should not impose our religious beliefs on others in laws unless we are willing to live under the laws set by another religion, for we are a country of many religions. As Christians, we are to model the life of love in the style of Jesus, who was invitational, never fearful of sin or those who sin, and never controlling of another. To follow his footsteps we must work harder to provide the support and care for our neighbors to live lives that enable people to thrive, not just barely survive. Morality simply cannot be legislated, but must be modeled.

All deserve our love and compassion, especially those facing traumatic choices.

The Rev. M. Susan Dobyns


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