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The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

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In favor

In recent votes in the U.S. House, two of our local politicians, Rep. Ted Budd and Rep. Virginia Foxx, voted against the PUMP act — a bill to ensure working nursing mothers be allowed to pump their breasts at work (Roll Call, Oct. 31). Obviously these esteemed members of Congress must be aware of some sinister reason for wishing to complicate the lives of nursing mothers.

After failing to hamper nursing mothers, they moved on to trying to stop the re-authorization of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act for victims of domestic violence. Foxx even went so far as to blame President Biden for the increase in reported cases of domestic violence in North Carolina. The problem with that is, according to NC Health News, reports of domestic violence in N.C. increased dramatically in 2020, before Biden became president. Don’t you hate it when the facts disprove your stories?

Now, I can’t be positive, but I’m pretty sure the majority of residents would be in favor of both of the above bills.

Bill Vaassen

Rural Hall

Trump still winning

Good job, Democrats; keep doing what you’re doing.

Democrats have so maniacally focused on Jan. 6 that they are ignoring the disaster that is the Biden administration. Without even running, Donald Trump is still beating them because Democrats can’t let him go and they openly despise Trump voters. How else to explain Virginia?

Here’s the bad news: if you think 2021 was awful with the Afghanistan withdrawal, the inflation, the supply chain problems and the border chaos, just wait till 2022.

Democrats will keep whining and wringing their hands about Jan. 6 while gas hits four dollars a gallon, inflation soars and — wait for it — China invades Taiwan and Biden sells them out. Yes, Biden will preside over a foreign policy calamity that will make Afghanistan look like a day at the beach.

Journal readers, the more you read about Jan. 6, just think of Wile E. Coyote not seeing the cliff or the boulder. The pro-Biden media seems related to poor Wile E.: They won’t learn their lessons.

Harry R. Cooke


Vital information

Journal columnist Scott Sexton, defending the indefensible, is in peril of losing his muckraker’s badge.

Sen. Richard Burr’s monetary gain from insider knowledge was the least of his sins (“Let’s walk a mile in Burr’s loafers,” Nov. 2). He withheld vital information from the public about the seriousness of COVID, thus promoting the ambivalence of the public about protecting themselves, which is still evident today. Less than two years later, Americans killed by the virus number 750,000 and counting.

Think what a difference it could have made if those in the know, even one of them, had sounded the alarm instead of grabbing their own assets. We may have come together against a common enemy instead of fighting amongst ourselves. Wouldn’t that be something!

Lee Pulliam



The Nov. 3 letter “Government snooping” highlights just one more Republican hoax.

President Biden’s proposal — which he recently scaled back to $10,000 exchanges rather than $600 to try to ease Republicans’ worried minds — is an attempt to reduce corporate cheating on taxes. That’s a long-term Democratic Party goal that Republicans seem to oppose for some strange reason. Nobody cares what the letter writer spends his $600 on.

Just like gun confiscation and critical race theory, Republicans are always reacting to what they imagine Democrats might do while Democrats try to stop the atrocities that Republicans are actually committing in the real world. Many of today’s Republicans are steeped in fantasy and paranoia.

Hey, did anyone see John F. Kennedy Jr. in Dallas on Tuesday? QAnon said he’d be there to announce that he’s joining the 2024 Trump ticket.

Bill Murphy


The new

“Those Black activists are going to use critical race theory to teach your children to hate themselves for being white” is the new “They’re going to steal your jobs and marry your daughters.”

Buddy Osborne



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Now that the Democrats in Congress along with their friends in the liberal media unanimously condemned Rep. Paul Gosar for a tasteless cartoon video, I wonder why they never raised their voices when Rep. Maxine Waters openly urged her constituents to harass and intimidate Trump supporters.

The writer of the Nov. 20 letter “Billionaires in space” needs to understand that people who have worked hard, established thriving companies and employ thousands of people deserve to have some latitude with their money.

Too many Republicans are now flirting with violence in response to former President Trump’s Big Lie. They have a responsibility to walk it back before it explodes.

About billionaires flying to space: Why don’t those billionaires help people on Earth? Isn’t there enough hunger and poverty here? People need help here. Now, not chasing after some distant star.

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