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The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

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A betrayal

Bob Woodson, a veteran civil rights activist and founder of the Woodson Center, has called critical race theory a betrayal of the civil rights movement. In an open letter to the National School Boards Association, his organization stated its "unqualified opposition to any curricula that depicts America as irredeemably racist, teach that the legacies of slavery, racial segregation and other appalling crimes are insurmountable, or fail to provide examples from history of black achievement against the odds.”

The letter goes on to say that, "We ask that your schools instead adopt curricula that, rather than completely reject our founding values, instead embrace the ideas of family, faith and entrepreneurship that have enabled all Americans — including black Americans — throughout history to move from persecution to prosperity, and will continue to do so for generations to come.”

CRT proponents paint a gloomy picture of America and then use that pessimism to call for radical changes in our government and economy, such as the adoption of socialism and the redistribution of wealth. However, history shows that such authoritarian governments do not eliminate injustice and oppression. Rather, the government becomes the oppressor.

Bruce Bedinger


Voice your views

It is time for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board elections. You could choose to sit this election out or you could use your vote to voice your views on behalf of the students in your community.

Students are influenced and developed by the school system. Their education and upbringing could be affected by who is voted into the school board. Your vote could be the difference between what should be a safe, welcoming environment or a non-inclusive one for your children.

According to USA Facts, there is “only 49% of the midterm voting rate participation, compared to the total voting age population.” This means fewer than half of the voting-age population engages in midterm elections, which can come down to individual votes. This is a call to action and response to “At-large seat key to partisan control” (Oct. 16).

This is for our community to put the kids at a higher priority and vote in the school board elections. Every vote counts! I trust you will make the right decision for democracy.

Midajah Hunter


A simple solution

Women don’t impregnate themselves; men impregnate women. Yet women are left to deal with the pregnancy. In addition, women have to deal with a new life in their wombs.

Thus, the dilemma: with an unwanted pregnancy, the woman alone has to deal with it, not the man who impregnated her.

The simple solution: vasectomy. Of the men in government who are now voting to prevent women from getting abortions, how many have had vasectomies? No sperm = no fetus! Why don’t men take some responsibility for the abortion dilemma instead of passing laws that prevent women from resolving the problem men created?

Vasectomies are much less expensive than abortions, costing $0 to $1,000. They are low-risk — a simple procedure. One vasectomy and you’re done. But after an abortion, a woman can get pregnant again and again.

Typically, abortions cost from $350 to $1,600 for a pill or a D&C. The risks far exceed any potential risks associated with vasectomies. Men don’t have ectopic sperm, or sperm miscarriages, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or placenta previa of the sperm. But women can encounter numerous potential health problems (some life threatening) with any pregnancy.

Why aren't governors and members of state legislatures personally taking steps to prevent unwanted pregnancies instead of placing the responsibility on women?

As Benjamin Franklin famously said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Get it snipped, gentlemen; then you won’t have to worry about when a fetus is viable.

Sherry Bowlin


Critical race

Our Senate race here in North Carolina is critical.

Cheri Beasley's record speaks for itself. As for Rep. Ted Budd, please watch this video by Brian Tyler Cohen for a very enlightening view:

Herb Roosa

Rural Hall

Negative ads

After viewing many of the ads playing on TV, particularly the negative ones, I've come to understand one thing. You can either vote for a decent human being or vote for a Republican.

I'll stick with decent human beings this time around.

Keith Stone


Vile rhetoric

This year’s Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board election is crucial for the future of our schools. The good news is, we have great candidates running. The bad news: we also have candidates with direct ties to outside political groups engaged in hateful fearmongering.

On his Facebook page, Michael Hardman proudly includes an endorsement by Pat Blackburn, the chapter coordinator for Moms For Liberty (MFL), a right-wing group from Florida backed by billionaires and closely aligned with Gov. Ron DeSantis. (He’s not “officially” endorsed by MFL, perhaps for fear of alienating voters.) That endorsement begins, “Are you sick and tired of schools that groom children?”

Another candidate, Sarah Absher, is endorsed by Education First Alliance (EFA), based in Apex. Without proof, it claims, “Solid evidence suggests that attending private schools improves students' achievement.” So in Absher we have a candidate for our public school board who’s proud to be endorsed by a group that doesn’t believe in public schools.

On its Facebook page, EFA also targets the LGBTQ community: “The Trans movement (gender ideology) threatens children and their families.” Absher takes it a step further, retweeting on Sept. 12 via her personal Twitter account, @NursePandaRN: “Trans Kids are the new Gucci Handbag for the Upper Middle Class Wine Mommies who need attention.”

We should not stand for this kind of vile, disgusting rhetoric — not in public discourse, and certainly not on our school board. Our children and teachers deserve far better. Don’t be fooled — vote accordingly in November.

Susan Brawley


Focus on kids

I’m writing in response to the Oct. 25 Journal articles “Dems upset over attack signs” and "Test scores show historic COVID setbacks for US kids.”

Regarding the attack signs, someone has resorted to posting false, anonymous claims adjacent to campaign signs for two at-large Democrats running for school board. Why resort to such underhanded tactics? Because the other side is desperate.

Further, these same conservative extremists are going on and on about the new test scores, saying that we should never have resorted to remote learning.

As a former teacher and grandmother of a child in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, I’m thankful that our elected school board didn’t listen to the vocal minority of parents who wanted to reopen schools too soon. Their decision saved lives.

North Carolina and Georgia each have a population of around 9.5 million, yet they took different approaches during the pandemic. Georgia decided to reopen the state, and schools, much earlier than North Carolina. The result? Georgia’s COVID-19 deaths stand at 40,500 since the beginning of the pandemic, compared with 26,800 for North Carolina. That’s a difference of about 13,700 saved lives because of the leadership of our governor, health officials and school board. Yes, our children sacrificed a lot, but I believe it was worth the lives saved.

Now it’s time to focus on helping our kids catch up. I’m convinced that the best candidates to do just that are the three at-large, Democratic candidates: Deanna Kaplan, Richard Watts and Sabrina Coone-Godfrey.

Teresa Koehler


Not true

Cal Thomas writes: “Customs and Border Protection says it encountered nearly 204,000 people at the border last month and more than 2 million in all of fiscal 2022. This doesn’t count the ‘gotaways,’ estimated by Border Patrol to be nearly 600,000” (“Biden’s cynical new border policy,” Oct. 22).

He thinks this is strong criticism of President Biden, but it actually points to the truth that the GOP has tried to manipulate, claiming that 2 million illegal immigrants crossed the border in fiscal 2022 and stayed here. (I’ve also heard that number inflated to 4 million and 5 million!) It was far fewer.

The GOP also continually touts the amount of fentanyl stopped at the border as if it represented the amount that crossed the border and continued its merry way.

Portraying the Border Patrol as losers doesn’t support the Border Patrol.

The GOP also says that crime is at an all-time high, which is not true. It says that President Biden is in charge of gas prices, which is not true. It says that Democrats are killing just-born babies, which is not true. Everything the GOP says is a lie.

I’m sure they’ll do a great job of running the country.

Philip Bent


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