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The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

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A forward-looking bill

I want to thank Rep. Patrick McHenry for his recent sponsorship of the International Nuclear Energy Financing Act (H.R. 1646). This financial assistance for nuclear energy can help grow the market in clean, emission-free jobs. Nuclear energy is an essential driver in combating climate change and can help break our reliance on fossil fuels. Nuclear is cleaner energy than coal and generates energy through fission without the harmful byproducts that fossil fuels create. Nuclear energy also requires less land use, so more energy production comes from a smaller space than other energy infrastructure.

I want to applaud Rep. McHenry for helping to make a climate-forward approach and increasing our alternative energy usage while helping to build up the economy with jobs.

Bryan Schroeder


Opening the final session of the two-day virtual global climate summit, President Joe Biden says he wants to shift the conversation from climate threat to economic opportunities.

Climate action

It is encouraging to see President Biden’s prioritization of climate action on the world stage (“Leaders call for action,” April 24). However, it is also clear that some, such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are wary of (another) $2 trillion spending plan.

A great cooperative first step would be to embrace market-based bills that would effectively lower atmospheric carbon and already have broad support. The Growing Climate Solutions Act reintroduced on April 20 by two Democratic and two Republican senators would allow farmers and foresters to participate in carbon markets and benefit from climate-friendly practices. In addition, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act reintroduced on April 1 would price carbon at the source and return dividends to Americans, broadly incentivizing lower carbon emissions.

Carbon pricing was recently endorsed by the American Petroleum Institute, adding to previous support from a wide variety of businesses, environmental groups and essentially every economist. Let’s encourage Rep. Kathy Manning, Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Thom Tillis to carefully consider these effective and economically favorable approaches that are so urgently needed to address climate change.

Michael McCrory


Support for police

In reference to “High-profile killings by police” (April 26): In these cases, due process of culpability appears to have been followed. Surely, as many have said, rigorous police and sheriff training is essential. Yet, I do not think most of us appreciate the risks when an officer approaches some male (and at times female) for questioning or arrest, especially if a crowd quickly gathers — and he or she resists with whatever means are available — running, fighting, kicking, biting or brandishing a knife or firearm. Do you not wonder, in this current conflagration mood, why anyone would want to serve the public in this thankless job? I fear vacancies will escalate, putting more pressure on those remaining. Early retirement seems the norm. And defunding the police as crime accelerates? Anarchy shall prevail.

How about an article: “High-profile police killings?”

I’ll add, when we encounter an officer in public, approach him or her, “Thank you for all you do. I appreciate it. Your life matters.” If s/he is in a vehicle next to you in a stoplight, wave and smile, give a thumbs-up. They would appreciate it.

Peter Venable


President Biden is turning his attention to a family and childcare plan one day after unveiling a $1.8 trillion proposal.

Every single one

It seems like every single policy proposal of President Biden’s Democratic Party would be paid for by increasing taxes on rich people.

Every single liberal aspiration — free college tuition, universal health care, police reform, increased wages for working people, elder health care — it all comes from increasing taxes a little bit on extremely rich people — using the money they made by taking advantage of our American financial system and giving it to the middle class and working class.

And I’m OK with that.

Life is short. There’s no excuse for letting people suffer when we can prevent it by taking a few crumbs from people who feast three times a day.

Rebecca Minor


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