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The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

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In his first presidential press conference, Joe Biden was pressed on other issues beyond the pandemic including reforming the Senate filibuster rule and addressing the large number of young refugees seeking asylum at the southern border.

Two votes away

We have a Southern border crisis with hordes of illegal, undocumented immigrants either housed and/or filtering throughout the country. Gas is up almost a dollar since inauguration. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is accused of covering up nursing home deaths and complete, derelict lack of accountability.

The Democratic Party is calm as a cucumber knowing it is two votes away from disposing of the filibuster. Once it is able to have a simple majority, the rapid dismantling of the country will begin. This is guaranteed and will happen shortly.

Congratulations to all of the Trump-hating Triad folks. Your ship has come in. Unfortunately, it is the SS Titanic.

Jim Potter


Energy consumption

I appreciate the writer of the March 4 letter “Renewable alternatives” for pointing out that attention to energy waste is the right way to reduce greenhouse gases.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2020, more than 73% of U.S. electrical use was by residential, commercial and public buildings: heating, cooling, lighting, elevators, appliances, computers and the machinery that manufactures what we consume.

Electric vehicles are coming right along, thanks to ingenuity and amazing engineering. Our focus must be where nearly three-quarters of our problem lies: building energy consumption.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA) is a bipartisan bill setting a tax on the sources of greenhouse gases. Such a tax will greatly accelerate needed upgrading and efficiencies in buildings. Tax proceeds will be distributed to ordinary Americans.

Sensible building improvements help lower energy bills, reduce outages and avoid the need for more power plants. As someone who has been in the building energy engineering field for many years, I know we know how to do this. We just need the right incentives.

The EICDA will be that. We can reduce the load on the planet, minimize dangerous weather patterns and slow down the warming of our oceans and rising levels.

The EICDA is being introduced now in both houses of Congress. I plan to support N.C. senators and representatives who back and pass it.

Lynne K. Thomas


Further protections

I read the Journal article about protected hair styles (“City approves LGBTQ protections,” March 23). Beehive wasn’t included, neither was mullet or comb over — an oversight, I guess.

Then the article listed a string of letters that also can’t be discriminated against. The string ended with the plus symbol (+), which as far as I can tell, is shorthand for “etc.” The letter idea is OK, but too long and confusing, and replaceable with NSIT (Not Straight I Think).

In my research on this topic, I found a variation called “gray sexual” that was not listed in the Journal. I said “That’s me,” since I have gray hair. Then I read the term means the person is in a gray area of behavior — they flip-flop from one variation to another. It has nothing to do with hair color.

I hope city officials take note that they need to add protections for hair color to the city code. While they’re at it, probably should include bald-headed along with assorted types of facial hair. Finally, they should outlaw discrimination against people who smell bad, wear dirty clothes in public and/or have irritating voices.

John Wooding


Starting in early April, five US states, including California and Florida, will expand Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to all adults. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers your Covid-19 questions and talks about his upcoming CNN special report.

Back to normal

Like everyone else, I’ve been hurt a lot by the pandemic and all the events that have been canceled because of it. I’m especially going to miss the Twin City Kiwanis Pancake Jamboree (“Ugh! No Pancake Jamboree in 2021,” March 16). Attending every year for the past decade or so has been a lot of fun and an easy way to support an organization that does a lot of good in the community.

This year I’ll be sending my check directly, and for a little more than $8.

Please, everybody, get the COVID vaccine. We’ve all got to cooperate to get back to normal. You won’t be awarded with pancakes, but you can get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut with proof of inoculation.

Phil Ronald Turner


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