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The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

The Readers' Forum: Saturday letters

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Biden bad for economy

Here’s something to ponder: With all the trillions of dollars distributed by the U.S. government to support those affected by the pandemic added to the $20-plus trillion of debt already on the books, it will take a financial recovery that only President Trump can deliver if we are to ever reduce that gargantuan figure.

If elected, Joe Biden has already promised to raise taxes so he can increase spending on social programs (“free stuff”) and infrastructure. If it’s anything like the Obama “shovel ready” stimulus, it would only fall into the hands of corrupt contractors and big political donors. With the Fed holding interest rates at 0% for the foreseeable future, our only hope for appreciation is the stock market, but some financial analysts have agreed that a Biden victory or a contested election would cause the financial markets to suffer, tanking your 401(k)s, IRAs and other investments.

Biden says to “Buy American” (how original!) but, if he’s elected, we won’t have much money to buy anything!

Stanley G. Simm


Same as the president

In response to the Sept. 15 letter “A simple answer” that was in response to the Sept. 6 letter “Broken promises:”

The writer used exactly 61 words to state an inventory of politicians — not reasons for reelecting President Trump. Then he used approximately ¼ of the “argument” to complain about how he ran out of words. He had an opportunity to use 189 additional words to present a case and establish a position.

Unfortunately, the same methodology was used here that our president is using to intimate, imply and imbue without facts or supporting documentation.

This is the opinion section. However, there is no opinion stated. The Journal has not achieved its goal to provide a platform for opinions when it prints a list. How is this list any different than a grocery list?

What is the justification? What is the support to back these claims as reasons for reelecting Trump? The democratic society was designed and constructed to promote differences of opinions to facilitate compromise and positive change to benefit all the people, all the time.

I challenge the readership to sift through the disinformation and analyze if there is any rationale behind Trump’s policies and if these decisions are in the best interest of our nation at large. Ultimately, we the people must supply rational and substantive positions and opinions rather than a grocery list of opponents.

I encourage the readership to fully express its positions … and use its 250 words wisely.

Meredith Paige


A 'not perfect' choice

The typical letters from Trump supporters we see published in the Journal are so similar my husband thinks they must be keyed by robots.

From a firm seat on a high horse, they boast their choice. Sometimes they cite widely discredited views. Then they allow, “I know he’s not perfect” — well, not as perfect as they are — but really? Not perfect? He is the embodiment of everything my parents taught me from the cradle to abjure and abhor: venality, mendacity, cruelty, bigotry, selfishness, indifference, irresponsibility, conceit, recklessness and willful ignorance. He disdains soldiers and expertise and kisses up to dictators. And the Republican Party goes along.

You know that “herd mentality” he thinks will cancel out the plague? They will follow it right over the edge.

Julie Edelson


We checked and they're not keyed by robots. — the editor

Concerned about all

We need members in the North Carolina General Assembly who are concerned about issues that affect all of us North Carolinians, especially those who have lost jobs, are behind in their housing payments and lack health insurance. And let’s not forget our schools and the students they serve. Public tax money should go to public schools that are accountable for what they do and how they spend taxpayer money.

For these reasons, I support electing Terri LeGrand (N.C. Senate District 31) and Dan Besse (N.C. House District 74) to the N.C. General Assembly. I have personally known both of these outstanding individuals for many years. During that time I have observed their intelligence, their honesty and integrity and their dedication to make our community and state better for all of us.

I urge your support, too.

Judi Lawson Wallace


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