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The Readers' Forum: Sharing my support

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Sharing my support

I am writing to share my support for Jennifer Castillo for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board, District 2. First, I would like to mention the endorsement of Forsyth County Association of Educators for Jennifer Castillo; only a few candidates have the honor of the organization’s endorsement. Jennifer is a parent of four children and has children attending Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools. Jennifer has 10 years working with marginalized communities and voiceless communities. Jennifer is a product of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County schools.

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County student body is one-third African American, one-third Hispanic and one-third Caucasian. Now is the time for our community to practice equity and vote for a well-qualified Hispanic woman who is a current parent, whose children are in the district, who is a graduate of the district, who understands policy, who understands the needs of children and who will add a needed diverse voice to our school board. I look forward to working with Jennifer Castillo as one of our new school board members.

Darrick Young


Republican rule

The Journal, along with other media, has been pointing out how Republicans have been working to cement their majority in the state legislature. You’ve written about the case before the Supreme Court right now and how, if our Republican legislators win, they will be able to gerrymander congressional districts that will allow them to stay in the majority even if Democrats in the state are more numerous. If they win, the courts can’t stop them from setting election rules and even from appointing electors who would vote for the Republican presidential candidate rather than a Democrat candidate who may have received more votes. Everything in the state would be run by Republican principles.

I don’t see the problem.

Gary C. Parent


Flyer avalanche

Of the avalanche of campaign mailers we’ve received, no fewer than 14 have either admonished us to “Thank Jeff Zenger” or terrify us to vote against Carla Catalan Day, in the contest for state House District 74.

The worst are placemat-sized ads manipulating her image, using dark, grainy filters, or cropped to resemble a mugshot. These are juxtaposed against inflammatory language and “crime reports ripped from the headlines” attempting to link Catalan Day to murder, rape and child abuse, suggesting she is somehow responsible for harrowing crime waves, before she has even held office. Each successive attack ad is larger, more shrill, more incendiary, to the degree that the latest version, in bright yellow, jaunty letters, calls her “crazy.”

This is how the N.C. GOP treats the wife of a police officer.

Meanwhile, her opponent, Zenger, wishes us to send him back to Raleigh to continue to try to cut sweetheart deals for himself and his developer friends.

Our family is not falling for this libelous wall of noise.

Will you?

Kara Hammond


Good advice

In addition to taking a lot of cash from corporations and outsiders, Rep. Ted Budd must have also taken some campaign advice. He has followed three guiding principles throughout his campaign:

  • Stand as close to Donald Trump as you can. Invite him to campaign for you, espouse your support of him and regurgitate his positions on major issues.
  • Prominently display a gun. Show guns in your ads and continually remind people that you own a gun range.
  • Keep your mouth shut. Do not debate unless absolutely necessary and limit the broadcast to as few people as possible. Do not give interviews to the media, especially major newspapers in the state. You have no independent thoughts and you need to keep quiet.

Budd’s formula seems to be working for him, but North Carolinians deserve better.

John Wigodsky


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