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The Readers' Forum: Speaking for ...
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Speaking for ...

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Speaking for ...

As I read the latest chapter in the seemingly never-ending saga of North Carolina voter ID laws, I cannot help but be perplexed by the opposition of the NAACP and others when poll after poll shows over 75% of all Black (and white) Americans support voter IDs. Similarly, why do Black Lives Matter and its progressive fellow travelers continue to demand we defund the police when less than 23% of the Black community supports defunding the police?

These are not isolated incidents, but the latest in the continuing disconnect between the proclamations of the progressives and the reality of public opinion. A disconnect that seems to have escaped the attention of much of the mainstream media. All of which raises the question of whether the self-anointed, activist spokesmen whose primary qualification seems to be their ability to push their way to the front of the microphone really do speak for Black America, much more America as a whole.

David Gellatly


Actually quite good

Mark Thiessen is entitled to his opinion, as expressed in his Jan. 3 column, “The 10 worst things Biden did in 2021,” but so am I. And I can’t help but note that several of his “worst” things were actually quite good from my point of view.

His 9: that “(President Biden) weaponized the FBI to intimidate parents who show up at school board meetings,” is a vast exaggeration, especially in light of the violent threats and actual violence perpetrated against school board members. Biden was right to empower law enforcement to protect these elected officials, who were subject to hysterical falsehoods from misinformed activists.

8: “In the midst of a historic labor shortage, he pushed vaccine mandates.” Good for him. I dare say that life is more important than profits — a concept with which many conservatives seem to struggle.

People don’t always do what’s right — that’s why we have laws. Vaccines should be required for all medical personnel and government employees. Businesses should be free to require proof of vaccination.

As for the excuse of “natural immunity,” why should I trust people who lie about the effects of the virus and vaccines to tell the truth about their immunity status?

I don’t think Biden is perfect, but some people can only criticize anything a Democrat does, no matter what it is. At least Thiessen was honest enough to write “The 10 best things Biden did in 2021” (Jan. 1) also.

Rodney Page


An important point

A very important point that someone had better make:

Yes, being out of school and sequestered has been tough on our kids. Yes, it’s hard to wear masks and take precautions while in school. Yes, rates of mental distress have risen precipitously among teenagers. Yes, there’s been much more depression and anxiety.

But they’re alive. Preventing infections from spreading like wildfire among our youth has kept them alive.

No one would suggest that the situation is ideal. Of course it’s hard. This is simply the best of many bad options. Ultimately, our kids have to pay the price because the adults were not responsible enough to quench COVID when we first had the chance. That’s not the children’s fault.

And their distress is not the fault of the medical authorities who insisted that we take protective measures.

Pat Colfer


The Pope’s comment

During a recent discussion at the Vatican, Pope Francis said that choosing to have pets instead of kids is selfish and robs us of humanity!

I have heard it all now; no more to say.

Oh my Lord.

Sarah Ayers



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We are one year into the Biden administration and everything he has done has been a huge disaster. I guess liberals would like to blame that on Donald Trump, but guess what, he is no longer president, unfortunately!

I am sure I will be attacked by other frequent contributors to the Readers’ Forum. Many letters seem to suggest that all Republicans share the same views and should be treated with disdain.

In response to the Jan. 9 letter “Move on,” the fact that former President Trump and so many of his followers refuse to “move on” from the Big Lie is the reason President Biden and others must continue to condemn the events of Jan. 6, 2021, so vociferously.

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