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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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Another failure

Cornell University's “Living Bird” magazine, Autumn 2020 issue, reports that the Trump administration's Interior Department is severely restricting the enforcement of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (“Analysis: Losing The Law That Saves Migratory Birds”). This act, a partnership between the United States and Canada, has been supported by Republican and Democratic presidents since its establishment by President Woodrow Wilson. Failure to enforce this act, which penalizes industries for mass killings of birds such as occurred in the Deepwater Horizon blow-up of 2010, will cost the lives of millions of birds.

To my Republican friends, and I have many: Please give me a Theodore Roosevelt, or a Ronald Reagan or either George Bush. Please don't give me four more years of Donald Trump!

Dennis Thompson

Pilot Mountain


The writer of the Oct. 10 letter “What I’m voting for” demands that readers tell why they’re voting for Joe Biden without mentioning Trump.

But Trump’s character is so awful and his actions so destructive to the country that even many prominent Republican military leaders are voting against him, as you pointed out on Oct. 11 (“Trump’s military”). If the Democratic Party ran a candidate who said, “Elect me and I promise I won’t go on Twitter,” I’d vote for him or her. If the party ran a lampshade, I’d vote for it. Any of those options would be an improvement over Trump. Trump is his own Democratic Party advertisement.

In the meantime, the letter writer lists his reasons for ignoring Trump’s character and voting against Biden. Many of them are figments of his imagination, like his fear that Biden will somehow eliminate the Second Amendment, or his fear that he won’t be able to praise his God without fear.

They claimed the same about President Obama and it was just fear-mongering lies. There’s no reason to believe that Biden would do those things, either.

Republicans vote against what they imagine Biden will do while Democrats vote against what Trump has already done.

Lonnie Kirkman


Make things right

Is voting for Cal Cunningham the moral thing to do? Yes. Bear with me.

Infidelity in marriage is absolutely a personal moral failing. But not voting for Cal Cunningham at this stage would help Republicans keep control of a Senate that actively supports, or won't take action against, a tax system rigged for the rich and against the rest of us, voter suppression, health care inequality, white supremacist hate groups, putting kids in cages, making America weaker by alienating our allies ... the list goes on. A vote to punish Cal Cunningham would also punish all the Americans who could be saved by having the Democrats take back the Senate and start fixing things.

Sen. Thom Tillis has been a willing participant in the Senate's many and monstrous immoral acts. Looking at the big picture of consequences, the greater good will be served by electing Cal Cunningham and giving him the opportunity to make things right.

Dan Coulter


Egregious behaviors

I would hope we are in the last days of President Trump’s reign as a reckless, self-centered, autocratic, ill-informed commander in chief. His various misdeeds are reported every day in the Journal, especially on the opinion pages. My list of grievances of his most egregious behaviors include:

• Making military decisions without collaboration with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

• Violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution (Article 1, Section 9) with impunity.

• Contradicting our professional agencies concerning the management of COVID-19.

• Declaring mass voter fraud with no supporting evidence.

• Pardoning convicted friends who have committed serious crimes.

• Failing to denounce white supremacists.

• Refusing to agree to a peaceful transfer of power if he is not elected.

These indiscretions are chronicled routinely in our news media with no attempts to censure Trump by either of the legislative bodies. I assume the Democrats in the House of Representatives surrendered all authority after the Republican-controlled Senate failed to find Trump guilty of the impeachment charges.

To argue that Trump should never have been elected is a waste of time and energy, because he was in fact elected. Our government is in shambles and is essentially rudderless, but we must restrain our criticism of Trump. We knew who he was before he was nominated. The Republican Party must bear the responsibility for our country’s present condition. The members of the party have done nothing to censure or in any way confront Trump for his “crimes and misdemeanors.”

Charles Francis Wilson


Read the First Amendment

The writer of the Oct. 9 letter “Violated principles” states that she believes the U.S. was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Has she ever read the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? Is she aware that most of the Founding Fathers were atheists or deists? Is she aware that she has just rejected Hindus, Buddhists and all other religious practitioners?

She states that there is no law in the Bible that allows the killing of babies in the womb. However, her god would kill fully grown adults if they didn’t worship the correct god. Her god helped the Israelites conquer Jericho and kill every man, woman, child and animal. I would suggest that this also included the killing of babies in the womb.

Whether I agree with her about abortion or not, the Bible is not where I would go for any moral instruction on the subject. Her god had his own son tortured and killed.

Founding Father John Adams, in the Treaty of Tripoli, 1797: “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

Robert Kendall


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