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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters
The Readers’ Forum

The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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Trump's evangelicals

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the rise of Trumpism in America has been President Trump’s acquisition of evangelical Christianity and his effective consolidation of thousands of formerly independent religious bodies into a monolith that appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trump Empire. According to polls, the overwhelming majority of evangelical Christians idolize a man whose words and deeds are the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus.

Evangelical friends have tried to explain the disconnect by asserting that God sometimes uses flawed individuals to accomplish some unknown purpose on Earth, and usually cite King David as an example.

An interesting explanation — it acknowledges that their idol is flawed, something Trump would never admit. And it fails to consider that David, when confronted with his sins, repented. But Trump, a man who arguably has broken, repeatedly, nine of the 10 commandments, boasts that he has never done anything requiring God’s forgiveness.

But after much reflection, I now concede that God may indeed be using Trump, just not the way his disciples believe. The presidency of Donald Trump may well be God’s way of testing his believers. Will we stand committed to democratic values and Christian principles against a false prophet who so obviously undermines both? Or will the taste of power prove too great a temptation? Principles or power? That’s the choice. What would Jesus do? Evangelicals may disagree, but I believe Jesus would do what Jesus did the first time (see Matthew 4: 8-10).

Ron Carroll


Limiting judicial power

Columnist E.J. Dionne believes Republicans have a boundless lust for judicial power (“The GOP’s religious hypocrisy,” Sept. 30). Perhaps. But I would hope he understands that the whole idea behind having the conservative judges Republicans promote is to limit judicial power.

In a sense, the Supreme Court is the most powerful branch of the federal government. It’s not supposed to be. The three branches are supposed to be equal, checking each other’s power. But that’s not the way it’s worked out.

In recent decades, many judges have felt free to interpret the Constitution loosely. Thus, they can make the Constitution into virtually anything they deem is required. Given that philosophy, and a lifetime appointment, there’s not much to check their power.

That is why we need judges who, in effect, check themselves. We need judges who will limit themselves to a fair reading of the law, not parse words to obtain a desired outcome.

In contrast, Dionne prefers the “expansive” view of the Constitution. That may be fine for him; but when judges embrace that expansive view, their power unduly expands.

David Shuford


Enough is enough

I have never been a fan of President Trump as to me his bluster has always overshadowed his substance. But at this point it’s obvious that he has totally lost it. He has no plans for anything and four more years of his lack of leadership will mean chaos and misery for our country and its people.

As a lifelong Republican, it pains me to see this demented man ruin the party, but enough is enough. Please vote for Joe Biden.

Ken Burkel


Educational excellence

Success of our democracy depends on a well-educated citizenry. Regrettably, our current legislature has failed us by underfunding the public school system. It is time for new leadership with qualifications I see in Terri LeGrand, candidate for N.C. Senate District 31. Her program is far superior to state Sen. Joyce Krawiec's.

Terri supports full funding for public schools and raising teacher pay to at least the national average. North Carolina schools rank 37th out of 50 states in pay and are spending $3,692 less than the national average on students. Many teachers spend $500 out of pocket for classroom supplies.

She is against poorly designed and discriminatory school voucher programs. Terri will ensure that students and teachers have the protective and sanitation resources they need to stay safe until COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

School segregation has worsened. Terri will fight to make sure every child receives a quality education. Terri will work to make higher education more affordable.

As a college administrator, she knows what it takes to set students up for success. College isn’t the path for everyone. Terri will fight for job training in every community. Terri knows that many cafeteria workers, bus drivers and other school support staff are underpaid. They deserve a living wage with benefits. Terri will provide more access to early childhood education, the foundation for the future of all children. Terri is endorsed by the N.C. Education Association and is the best choice for educational greatness.

Gus Preschle


Keeping up

Please help me, I'm having a hard time keeping up.

Is coronavirus still a hoax? Did the president get it or was that just another lie? If I throw away my mask and resume my life, am I at risk? Is it fear that kills people or is it the virus? What about the 210,000 Americans who died — did they die of fear or of the virus? Will the virus know if I'm afraid of it?

It's just difficult to understand what's coming from this president.

Howard Greene


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