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The Readers' Forum: Sunday letters

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Never mind

Wow, that humble little dandelion sure has touched a lot of nerves. I don’t remember the last time I saw so many letters about one subject.

But while some are complaining about the truly paltry sum that will go toward public art, President Biden and Democrats in Congress have been trying to push a health care bill that would improve health care for millions of Americans.

It would reduce the overall price of prescription drugs, expand Medicare’s prescription drug benefit and limit the amount Medicare recipients would have to pay for prescription drugs, all while saving the federal government money. According to reports, it has a good chance of passing the Senate.

But never mind that. Let’s talk about dandelions. Let’s concentrate on Biden’s age and the price of gas. Those are obviously more important issues than saving lives.

Doug Foster


On being cruel

As I read the July 19 letter “Nothing but cruelty,” I thought that it must be unpleasant for conservatives to read a letter that contains such harsh criticism.

I think the letter writer went out of her way to criticize the Republican Party and pundits and legislators rather than rank-and-file Republicans. But it must still seem unfair, especially to people who just want to do what’s right. They probably feel misjudged.

I imagine they think that they’re not cruel, but tough. And I imagine many of them feel like they’re trying to stand tough against a liberalism that they fear will make the country weak.

Such posturing is often the result of fear.

But when you decide that other people need to be tough and you’re going to force them to be tough — that’s when toughness becomes cruelty. When you decide that pregnant 10-year-old girls must be forced to bear the burden you think you would bear — that’s cruelty.

You can’t decide how tough someone else is going to be. You can only decide whether you’re going to treat them with compassion or with cruelty.

I wish I could sit down with every Republican in the county and tell them about the kindnesses I’ve received and how they have helped me in my life.

Cruelty has only made my life more difficult. More painful.

If they examine their own lives, they may find the same.

This is what “do unto others” is all about.

Jane Freemont Gibson


Wrong term

I appreciate Mick Scott’s July 17 column “We can reach our destination,” and his assertion that churches can evolve. But when he writes about churches that once supported abortion rights and now deny them, the term is devolve.

These churches were once more reasonable in their approach to this divisive issue. They realized it was a matter of freedom, religious and otherwise, for women. But then they were seduced by politicians who promised them power. Now they have no interest in women’s rights or religious freedom. They’re moving closer every day to making women nothing more than breeding stock.

Conservative Christians believe that life begins at conception. But this is a religious belief and one that can change, as it has changed. It shouldn’t be imposed on non-believers.

A Jewish synagogue in Florida is currently suing the state for the right to practice their own religious belief when it comes to abortion. “In Jewish law, abortion is necessary if required to protect the health, mental or physical well-being of the women or for many other reasons not permitted (by Florida’s law),” the lawsuit says.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees every American citizen the right to practice their own religion. Christians undermine this constitutional guarantee by trying to force their beliefs on everyone else.

Mary Linda Knox


A spectacular show

My family had the pleasure of enjoying “Elf The Musical” by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Summer Enrichment Musical Theatre Program recently (“Theater ‘boot camp,’” July 20). It was a truly spectacular show and this is quickly becoming an annual favorite event for my family.

Kudos for a job well done to all involved. Our community should be proud of this event.

Jessica Telligman



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The writer of the Aug. 1 letter “Substantive due process,” claiming that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas doesn’t really have it out for same-sex marriage and contraception, reminds me of the conservatives who said they only wanted to return the issue of abortion to the states.

What we pay at the pump affects not only the high costs we incur to go to work and travel, but also has a rippling effect through our economy in raising the costs of producing and transporting the things that we buy at the local supermarket and other stores.

Justice Thomas, in his concurring opinion in the Dobbs decision removing the right to abortion, suggested that the decisions allowing gay marriage and contraception should be revisited by the court (presumably to be overturned).

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